Busy season

I wrapped up my last event on Saturday afternoon. I had four in three weeks, plus I helped someone on my team with her very first event. I might have bit off a bit more than I could chew. I did it all. All of them, on my own. It’s a lot of work, load in, set up, load out, unpack, inventory, order.

I am by no means complaining. I love it.  I’m getting to the point where I’m ready for a break. My holiday cut off was Monday. Orders can be placed through my site through next Monday for guaranteed holiday arrival. Obviously, some things are out of the control of Scentsy / UPS!

It’s 11 at night. I don’t think I’ve been in bed before midnight for a few weeks, except maybe one night somewhere in the mix where I was tapped out.

I had intended on taking a bath tonight; just because. Well here it is 11 PM; I’m exhausted and instead of taking a bath or crawling in bed, I’m writing. I miss writing, I enjoy it, even when my thoughts are all over the place.

I have had to prepare and take something to work everyday this week. Treats for leadership, treats for some others who have helped us, my dish to share for a holiday potluck.  Tomorrow is the only day I don’t have to take anything. Probably part of why I’m going to actually be in bed before midnight.

I am ready for the weekend, I have to meet up with a teammate to get some supplies and items to her Friday after work for her event. I have to make one delivery probably on Saturday, and a family Christmas on Sunday.  I see some relaxing in the future. My condo is kind of a disaster.

I really need to solidify some plans / goals / budgeting for early 2018, but I think tomorrow after work I’m going to zone out in front of the TV, catch up on some shows I have DVR’d and take a damn bath.    For now, I’m going to go to bed. I don’t even think I’m going to read … that’s how tired I am.


Busy season

Embarking on the Curly Girl Method!

A few years ago I had heard about the Curly Girl Method [I’ll explain it further down] and joined a Facebook group, but it seemed a bit overwhelming. I had tried before, the products, DevaCurl, from the creator of this method. They were alright. Once I finished the liter bottles I moved on to something else. I was a brand hopper. I always bought / used salon brands, because I have thick, crazy curls.

I’m fairly regular in getting my hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks.  It’s been about 6 1/2 years since I have had my hair colored or highlighted.  I have a lot of hair, making it pricey, so it’s something I just decided to quit doing.

Fast forward to maybe a month ago, my friend and Scentsy mentor / Amy posted a photo on Instgram that she and her oldest daughter had a day shopping for some CG [Curly Girl] products. It caught my attention.  I asked her a few questions, she too was like me overwhelmed at first – we even talked about this summer.   Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I grabbed the book on the method, rejoined the group; read all the files, watched a ton of YouTube tutorial videos, figured out what kind of porosity my hair is, the curl type and all that.  I was ready to embark. Last weekend I got all the items; it’s really not much, but you have to make sure you have items on their list [it’s 18 pages printed] its not super selective, but there are things your products must not contain to use for this method.

What is the Curly Girl Method?

Simply put: No shampooing your hair, its harmful to your scalp. You rinse away the oils [that leave you feeling greasy] and repeat.

Step one – final wash with shampoo

Step two – cowash  with a conditioner [for your hair type] you apply the conditioner to your scalp and scrub, with the pads of your fingers, not your nails; ideal for 5 minutes, but 2-3 is fine; and rinse.   In the beginning co-wash will likely be done every day, as the process goes on, you will find you won’t need to every day.

Step three – from crown to tip apply a handful [yes, a big ole glob!] of  conditioner raking through your hair to get knots out. Smoothing it on top, raking through the mid and bottom where the knots are.  I wrap my hair up in a loose bun and finish the shower.

Step four – remove from bun and stand under the shower, usually the water is turned a bit cooler letting the water rinse your hair; squish and condish is what the method is called; do not wring your hair.

Step five – after the water is turned off with my head flipped upside down I scrunch my hair getting excess water off.

If it’s still a bit wet I might squish my curls with a tshirt or microfiber towel; a regular towel  will not touch the curls again!  I add some gel, then go about my day. If I need to, I’ll diffuse a bit on low.

I tried this on Sunday – even though I hadn’t done a final wash to just see how long the process would take, not much longer. Today is day two and I’m feeling like my hair looks a little greasy, but transition is going to kinda suck!

Here are a few before pictures.

CG - Before1
CG Before 2
BEFORE CG METHOD: Hair Styled Down; mostly dry


BEFORE CG METHOD: Hair Styled Down –  mostly wet

The first photo lifeless curls that look incredibly stringy and fried. The second photo one giant poof of frizz, and the third photo,  it looks alright you can see some curl definition, and frizz starting [this was an air conditioned room!]

These are a few pictures of day 1 of the Curly Girl method.

CG METHOD: Day One – Styled, Morning
CG METHOD: Day One, Evening

I am completely floored. My hair is feeling healthy – in the evening it felt horrible, like straw. I told my mom that I have never loved my curls more, and this is just the beginning. The little amount of frizz in the evening photo is likely because I was touching a lot. My own damn pet peeve, but I was so shocked by it!  It might take a few conditioners  / gels / mouses to figure out which work best with my hair, which styling products I actually need.

The group on FB that I first found overwhelming has becoming much the opposite, they are instead the most helpful. And my friend Amy, she sent me a message Friday night of what works in her daughters hair – it appears we might have the same hair type!  It’s nice to have someone who can relate and sympathize at the same time. Who I can reach out to if need be.  Curly hair is hard, it’s going to take some work, but damn… these before and after photos in the group are inspiring.

Hell, even my own photos give me a lot of hope. If this is just well, now technically day 2, can you imagine what it’ll look like in 3 or 6 months when I’ve found my groove with it? Or a year!?  No more jokes about my Christina Aguilara Lady Marmalade-esque / Lion King hair… bring on the curls!

Next up, I’m going to treat myself to a DevaCurl cut! The closest one is in Mt. Pleasant, it’s about an hour away, but I’m excited to have it cut by someone who KNOWS both curls, and the Curly Girl method!


Embarking on the Curly Girl Method!

A rebuilding year

This year is not how I planned for it with my Scentsy business. I had planned on advancing / promoting at least one title, if not two, but it has yet to happen. I have been sort of consistent, but not at all where I’d like to be.

I am not at all making excuses, I am 100% to blame.  I need to get some systems in place,  I need to turn off distractions when I am sitting at my desk. As in, no screwing around on SnapChat, or surfing on Facebook. If I have intentions to do x, y, and z, then I need to do x, y, and z.  If I plan / set aside time, then that time will be when I do that.

I have some systems planned for the upcoming year, that I am ready to implement. I have some great ideas that would be great to implement, but I need to commit to either do it or not, because I don’t want to half-ass it. I need to decide soon if it’s going to be what I do for the year.

I just need to sit down and get this all hashed out.

I have a few events to do before my Scentsy year is done – an event on Sunday and then another the following Saturday. My personal cut off date is going to be December the 11th; then the Scentsy holiday cut off date is the 18th; so I think I’ll take a bit of time off before the first of the year.  I need to make sure I head into 2018 with a better plan than I did coming into 2017.

I’m chalking this up to a rebuilding year. I was fairly consistent in my sales, but still not quite where I’d like them to be.

I’m not confident in my events, I need to get my set up a bit more solidified. Doing it on my own is a bit tough, many have someone to help them load / unload and all that. I need to figure out a system for that as well. A lot of planning.

I am taking Thursday off to help a teammate with an event, and I’m excited for that because I can spend a little time during the day working on my 2018 plan.  A better me, a better business. I want to be a business my customers dote on, one they are proud to share. Sometimes I feel like I am lacking a bit in that.


A rebuilding year

The Gambler and Steak Dinner

I took myself out to eat at Texas Roadhouse tonight. When I first drove through the parking lot after work it was packed, so I drove home; changed clothes and drove back. Waste of gas yes, but I found a spot and got right in.

I used to dread going places alone, especially going to restaurants. Nicer ones like that is still a little unnerving, but it’s okay once I order.

Just as I was leaving, The Gambler came on. It was Grandma Eva’s song.  I wish we had something with her handwriting somewhere that said “Love Grandma” but all we have is Eva Eden.  I will,  mark my words, when I get under 200 pounds I will get some of the lyrics to that song tattooed on me. I think it’ll be on my right ribcage, as I want quite a bit of them…  I know I want at least the first  but maybe the second set..  I’d love to get “Love Grandma” under it, but I might find her signature “Eva Eden” and put it under it…  I just have got to have her with me.  And I hate that none of us have a card anywhere with her signature on it, anywhere.

You got to know when to hold ’em,
Know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run.
You never count your money
When you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’
When the dealing’s done.

Every gambler knows
That the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away
And knowin’ what to keep.
‘Cause every hand’s a winner,
And every hand’s a loser,
And the best that you can hope for
Is to die in your sleep.

Now that’s some motivation to lose some weight; because I really want it.  BAD.  Off to bed, I have a book to dive into and sleep that needs had.


The Gambler and Steak Dinner

And some days you just cry at your desk

I hate this time of year, the holidays are approaching and I’ve never been a fan. My birthday is coming up – and its often forgotten and blended in. I just wish we could fast forward.

It’s evaluation time at work. I suck at making goals. For the last three years I’ve had about the same thing; my boss asked me to try and come up with something different. And we have to report on the progress of last years.

5 goals – which I cannot go into but here is the response to them…

  1. I think she’s doing well, but I’m not confident I’m a good teacher, she picks up quickly
  2. I have not done any of these
  3. Dating the form when I sent to LM’s office is working well, the conference spreadsheet worked well, but travel as a whole continues to be a struggle
  4. This is not working in my favor, on #4 since January ’17  [goal:0]
  5. I have only done 1; not a great turn out with these [goal 20-25]

All in all; I have pretty much failed at all of them. Wow depressing.

As I typed this out to my boss, I was tearing up. I know the work I do is good work, I know I am a hard worker, I know we have had almost double the work lately, I know I am busy. Sometimes  A lot of the time I feel like I cannot get ahead of things, or caught up. Do I stay later than I am? Do I come in and work on a Saturday or Sunday?

I need help. I thought my new coworker [who has been here for a year and a half] was going to help in the purchasing front; but isn’t. I went from having help with it, to none. Our purchasing has basically doubled.  On top of more duties piled on to me.

I am by no means whining. I just need to vent. I can do hard things. I just need to figure out how to prioritize some things; and with that I’m mostly lost.


And some days you just cry at your desk

All in the course of a month; the weather went from still hot enough to have the air conditioning on, to cool enough to have the windows open without being miserable, to cold enough to kick the heat on for a bit.  Welcome to Iowa, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!

There was frost this morning and it’s raining now, but the temperature is hovering around 40; today I’m thankful for the garage!  It could be a bit dicey in the morning, but this rain is supposed to be done by midnight.

Speaking of my garage, I didn’t get it cleaned out like I had planned, but I’m sure there will be a few more unseasonably warm days coming up.  So I’ll tackle it then, or maybe not til the Spring.  It’s not a dire need to clean it out.

This weekend has actually been fairly productive. I finished one book and read another one. Goodreads does a Reading Challenge every year; I set mine at 50 originally and have since changed it to 70; but I’m already at 65, I’m certain I will read at least 10 more before the end of the year. I think 80 might be a better goal.

I made Scentsy samples for the Trick or Treat trail before the in town Trick or Treating on Tuesday; got those labeled and bagged.  I’ve got all my laundry done, but as usual, it’s folded all over the floor. But folded is better than in the basket!  I made another batch of Chili so I should be good to go for a week or so; I don’t make a huge batch.

I was asked at the beginning of the month by my Scentsy mentor to make a video and share what I’m going that’s yielding me the results I’m having. Video terrifies me. But I said I’d do it, and I had 4 weekends to do it, and waited til the last one to do it. I think once I get going I’m fine, it’s just starting it.

I think my sour mood from last week is gone! I had a bit of a pity party for one last night, but all is well.  Yes, I’m the one who did the breaking up, but it doesn’t make it suck any less. Yes, it’s what I wanted because I wasn’t getting out of it what I thought I deserved, but it still kinda sucks, single. Especially around the holidays.

I haven’t had a nap all weekend, proud of myself for that. I was in bed by 9:30 on Friday and 11 last night. Of course I read for a while first, but I think my body is finally getting used to sleeping well. I was up at 7:30 and 8 this weekend.  It’s amazing just what a regular sleep schedule is like, with good sleep!

I suppose, off to start a new book and begin the busy week.


Just a Fall Tuesday in Iowa

It’s been a day; better, but a day.  Work is getting to me. I posted on Facebook today something smart aleck-y about wanting to buy patience, and a few days ago.

My foot is feeling better, movement wise, but there’s some numbness that has me a little concerned; but I’ll keep an eye on it. There’s not much bruising, so it’s definitely a different sprain.

Another crazy night after work. I came home and warmed up some leftover chili. I rarely eat leftovers, but chili, is one of the few things. I had to meet up with someone to deliver some Scentsy for a Fundraiser. I had a bag of things I needed to return to the outlet mall about 25 miles away, so happened to have it all in the car and just decided to go do that. I got in about an hour ago and I’m ready to crawl in bed.

I’m admitting it, it’s a bit chilly in my condo tonight. Yes, three weeks ago I was griping about my air conditioner not working and it taking a week for the landlord to get them out here to fix it but now I’m thinking heat sounds great.  I’m very stingy with my heat but I sleep much better when I’m colder, under the blankets. My office is the coldest room in the house – as it’s the one on the corner. I know the window is a bit drafty, but I’m not certain I want to do the plastic + blow dryer window treatment, but ask me in a few months.

I even parked the car in the garage, so I don’t have to scrape frost off my windows in the morning.   My garage needs to be gone through and have shit pitched, and organized. Great idea to think of this now, when it’s going to get cold… I should have thought of this like a month ago!  It doesn’t look like the weekend is going to be much warmer, but we’ll see.

I have a bed and a book calling me. And I’m ignoring the dishes in the dishwasher or the laundry that needs done. I’ll tackle that Thursday. I have a class tomorrow, and ironically it’s about money and budgeting, which is hard to talk about and honestly just FACE because it’s kind of embarrassing, but I enjoy going, even though it’s in a church and there’s some churchy stuff entwined in the lessons.

I’m trying to write more, one because I miss it. Partially because I want things to be documented; even things that aren’t in the “highlight reel” that is social media.  It feels amazing to do it just before bed….

All that to say, hasta pasta!


Just a Fall Tuesday in Iowa