National Dog Day // Dog Tired?

I hear it’s #NationalDogDay so here’s my spoiled sweet man, Turbo. My Mom and Joe have him as he’s not allowed in my apartment, but he’s a pretty awesome dude.


Shawn’s Dad flew to Nashville today to help drive them home tomorrow; excited about that. I put a Pack-n-Play together tonight without instructions!

There’s a storm headed out way, the wind was strong on the way home from work, but I can really hear it howling now in my apartment.

Not really sure what the weekend will bring. AMM had his daughter all last week and then has her Friday and Saturday; seems like it’s been forever. Shawn’s baby shower is Saturday morning!  I cannot wait to get my hands on Jaiden! It’s been three weeks and oh my goodness, I miss him. It’ll be nice to have Shawn home for a bit too. I know that I’ll be down again in July….  I don’t mind the drive down or back; I just selfishly want my best friend (and her baby!) to live closer than 8 hours away.

Just  a week and a half until my new coworker starts; FINALLY. Although it’ll be a big undertaking to train her, I cannot wait. It’ll be nice to be able to make some appointments (dentist and such) and goodness, take a day off!

I think I hear my bed and book calling my name; maybe it’s the wind; either way I’m tired!



National Dog Day // Dog Tired?

Relaxation ahead

A weekend with hardly any plans!

Last night after work I had to stop by the UPS warehouse to pick up my Scentsy order; I’ve had two different orders stolen from my door in my apartment complex, so I just have the boxes held. I stopped and grabbed dinner on my way home, and then watched some DVR to cap off the evening. I was in bed by 9. Totally awesome. I slept til about 10ish. Then decided to finally get out of bed.

My friend Karan was messaging me on FB; we have always messaged on there, even though we have each other’s numbers… I think because we can go between phone/iPad/computer and keep the convo going; about the 60% off a certain brand of washi tape at Michael’s. I wasn’t going to go; but I decided I had to just go in and check it out. I walked out buying $40 worth that would have cost me close to $130. I bought a few for Karan, and she picked me up a few. Thank goodness for technology. We live about 5 hours apart, but will see each other in May; however we’ll swap these soon.

From there I headed to WL to deliver Scentsy. I stopped by my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the kids were napping so I got to chat with Jill for about 45 minutes, it was nice. I stopped and had lunch at the restaurant, then made my rounds delivering stuff. By the time I got home and unloaded my car I was done for the day.

All I have managed to do is order a few planner stickers, and load the dishwasher and start it. My office area is kind of a mess; and I need to really clean my kitchen.

I figure tomorrow I will finish putting the laundry away (this is a huge struggle for me!)  and overall some cleaning. I’m already yawning; so I have a feeling it’ll be an early night.

I’m just catching up reading a few of the blogs I follow; adding a few things to my wishlist on Amazon, and scoping some things on Goodreads.


Relaxation ahead


This photo of my crazy hair is totally a reflection of how my week has been. hair

Mid February we got word we would be doing a lot of spending at the end of our fiscal year, all items need to be bought, received, and paid by June 30th. The units had a deadline of February 15th, a few days later we had the list turned into the big boss; and then the waiting game. Since my position has a support person, that we haven’t had since September; getting into this solo is a tough one to swallow. I’ve done it one other time on my own; but it wasn’t this much.

In all this time, Shawn’s due date of #Teaspoon (yes, the baby had a nickname, and it’s stuck) was drawing near. The position isn’t filled and the week I requested wasn’t approved due to someone of higher seniority being off.

Shawn passes her due date (2/25) and again on 2/29 the day she wanted to have him; and finally; went for induction on the 2nd of March. My boss and I worked something out so I could have the 4th off. And this,  also was the day we got the go ahead to start buying! I gave up my tickets to see Old Dominion in IC on Wednesday so I could get a good nights sleep. That didn’t exactly happen. Adam came down…   I went to work as usual on Thursday, was all packed and ready to go, Shawn had Jaiden at 4:21 (Teaspoon) slept from 6ish til about 9. I got up showered and was out the door, I drove though the night and made it to Nashville about 6:45am but with traffic I didn’t get to the hospital until about 7:15. I got to spend the whole day with Shawn and Teaspoon. We tried to catch a few naps, but really I think we slept like a total of maybe 20 minutes throughout the day.

About 8:30 I needed to get to the hotel and crash. I had to swing into Target to grab a phone charger. It was a bit of a drive from the hospital to the hotel, so I think I got to the hotel by 10. I passed out til about 9ish, got up and ate breakfast then came back to bed til about noon. Shawn had another friend going to get her and bring her home. Once they got home and got a few things rounded up, she came over to the hotel. Her mom  and I were both staying there.  We just chilled most of the day and into the night. We snuck out for a little drive around to go grab a few things; and came back. Shawn and Jaiden both passed out and slept though the night. I was happy for them.

I wrote this on Facebook; but I’m sharing again:


It’s an incredibly awesome thing to see your best friend as a new mommy and see her slide right into the role like she was meant for it. It’s hard to put into words how amazing it was to be around for the first few days of Teaspoon’s life. Before I left this morning, while we let Mommy take a shower; Jaiden and I had a little chat about some things. Like why we are calling him Teaspoon when his name is Jaiden, and how his initials are like his Grandpa Carter’s; JC, and how special grandparents are. We talked about how he needs to be good for Momma these next few weeks, eat well, sleep like he did last night, and smile a lot! There wasn’t much conversation in return. I’m not sure if his “almost flipping me the bird” was a reaction to me having to go home or the fact that he just likes to suck on his thumbs/fingers/ hands.  This was one of my most memorable weekends ever, and I look forward to all the ‪#‎adventureswithteaspoon‬ that will come.

I cannot believe he’s already a week old; and I’m so proud of her. I cannot wait for them to get up here so I can love on him again.

This week has been crazy  at work; and the boss is gone through Monday; so it was nice to have a day to get things done and hopefully make some headway.

I got a new phone yesterday, I switched to an iPhone 6s. Finally ditched the Droid. I’ve got an iPod, and an iPad, so I thought it’d be smart considering I have paid for apps on the iPad; and no point in paying for them twice to get it for the Droid too. Adam and Shawn both have iPhones, so iMessage is great. It’s still gonna take some time to get used to, but I like it so far!

It’s 9pm, I’m catching up on The Voice, and need to crawl in bed. I’ve been reading the same book for like three weeks; which shows you how busy life has been.

This apartment needs cleaned; but really…. it’ll wait til I’m a bit more rested.