Sunday night

Sunday nights. Why do they come faster than 5 PM on Friday does!? This weekend was relaxing, yet productive. I’m totally looking forward to a 4-day work week the next two weeks and a 4-day weekend. I took Friday off!

As I mentioned I got quite a bit done on Friday! I had a pretty productive Saturday too; about 3ish I sprawled out on the couch and snoozed a bit watching some TV. Adam got here about 6 and we cruised down to West Liberty. We had dinner at my parent’s bar and grill; and then went out to Mom’s to grab a few things,  and see my dog.

By the time we got back, I made a quick batch of brownies while Adam watched a little football, then we decided to make some drinks and sit on my balcony… 4 hours later, we decided 2:30 was a good time to call it a night.

amm balconyThe weather was amazing; though later on I switched to yoga pants and a hoodie, but I just love how we can talk about anything and everything and all the sudden it’s been 4 hours.   He was obviously telling a story here, and his hands were going.

Today, I picked up my 81 year old great aunt, and we went to WL to my aunt and uncles for some lunch, and to go through some of the possessions of my Grandma and Grandpa since their passing. It was a bit sentimental, and hard, but awesome at the same time.

I got a few of Grandma’s afghans, a cookbook, and a few serving platters.

After I dropped off Aunt JoAnn; I got home and packed up some Scentsy to mail out to some people, grabbed dinner on the way home and now here I am; waiting out the storm.

My back is a bit sore tonight, not really sure what, but I think a bath will help, then crawling into bed and reading.


Sunday night


A few months ago, one of my favorite bands announced a show at a new country bar in the Quad Cities; well, the bar didn’t last long and closed it’s doors. I had originally requested Friday off, but when the show was cancelled; I decided to save the vacation day.

As the month drew on; I decided I’d still take the day off… I needed some office / planning time; so I did just that. I got up and ran some errands, got my place cleaned up, laundry going. Which is still in the dryer cuz the folding and putting away part of laundry is the worst. I delivered some Scentsy to a customer and visited with them for a bit.

About 7 last night I decided the weather was just perfect I’d make a drink and sit on my deck and read. Well, as my luck goes, I had booze and ice in the cup, but the lid was off to add in the orange juice, and something fell from the top of the fridge, knocked the cup and booze everywhere. After I got that cleaned up and a new drink poured; I headed to the balcony. I put new wax in my warmer; yes, I have one on my deck.  I remembered I had a pack of string lights that I  bought for it. I went back in and grabbed it; got it hooked up, then broke a bulb. Then the lights just quit. Fabulous. So by the time it was all said and done, it was too dark to read a real book; had to switch over to the iPad and read.

deck love

It looked nice, for a while. I have on my list to grab some more string lights. I just need to suck it up and make a Target run. I’m dreading it because I live near the University of Iowa campus; so the students are back and the first few weeks is always kind of a madhouse.

I feel like I need to get some sort of ottoman or something for my feet; too. I have two chairs out there and it’s nice when it’s just me, but if Adam is over and we’re balcony sitting… I’ll want something.


I got a few things done early this morning; and by early I mean I was up by 9am on a weekend. I made a post office run and now I’m still contemplating heading into Target.

I really need to watch the spending for the rest of the month. Only 5 days, but I totally didn’t expect the dentist bill to be that much (nor did I expect to have 3 cavities) and I always forget in February and August; my car insurance is due. I like to pay  months at a time because I essentially get one month free if I do. That’s worth it for me!

Hoping to get to hang w/ Adam today. Family stuff tomorrow; finishing up sorting Grandpa Gib & Joyce’s stuff from their apartment.

I am loving the fall weather; jeans and hoodie season is very near! This is my kind of weather.



Some days you just can’t win.

Ever have days where ya feel like you just can’t win? This is me. It’s only Tuesday morning and I’m feeling like this week and I are going to butt heads.

Yesterday there was a mistake with a Square account for the festival I help put on; it can be fixed pretty quick, but still frustrating; and an error on my part.

Today, there was a train that held up the bus at least 15 minutes. I get to the parking lot with plenty of time; today I scooted into my office at 8:27. I do not like to be late, I hate it. And people who are late drive me nuts. I didn’t get a Pepsi until about 20 minutes ago — it was pretty much the best 20 ounces of goodness I’ve drank.

My open house on Sunday was a flop, so big of a flop as in no one came. That’s the last time I try to do one of those, because everyone wants me to do it, and says they will come, then no one shows up.

Last night I was getting some stuff into the planner; I use an Erin Condren Life Planner [First time orders get a $10 off coupon ] and I saw that I had marked Grandpa Gib’s 89th birthday in there for today. He’s been gone a little over 4 1/2 months, but it stings a bit today.


This picture was from last summer, we were celebrating his and his sisters birthdays. 81 and 88! He was totally in his favorite spot, a chair in the garage with a beer watching his grandkids and great-grandkids play!

Last night, I hated my planner, because the planner in me, went ahead and noted everyone’s birthdays for the 2016 calendar year, and it’s in there.

Today will get better, the week will get better… it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day. Everyone has ’em.  Even just writing made it better.


Some days you just can’t win.

Sunday Wind Down

I swear Sunday nights come so darn fast. Wasn’t it just Friday!? It’s been a productive weekend; though. I’ve got my apartment pretty much spotless; expecting to have people over for my Last Chance First Glance open house.

I took some time and just was lazy, too. I cleaned off a lot of things from the DVR; got caught up on Bachelor in Paradise, Bar Rescue, Escaping Polygamy. Quite the variety.

I was able to do some more organizing and such in my office, and finally am okay with how it is looking. I find myself in there a lot, although tonight I’m writing from the laptop on the couch and watching the first episode / sneak peek of The Voice; but now we have to wait until September 19th…. what a tease!

I need to make some lunches for the week; but I feel like I’m fading pretty quick.  I’ve been reading a very highly recommended book in the network marketing world, but I’m just not getting into it; but I feel like since I bought it, I need to finish it. I don’t think I’ve bought a single book this month – which is impressive. I used my Audible credit on a book to listen to at work and on the bus to / from.

Just got a notification about a pre-ordered EP showing up tonight; early!  Shane Lee is one of my favorites and he’s totally on my #ConcertBucketList I’ve been a fan for quite some time, 3 maybe 4 years. So I’m pretty excited for this new music.

I really do not want Sunday to come to an end; work is going to be a bit hectic this week due to what we expect to be a big review coming through; though I’m told everything is pretty much set since we’ve been expecting this for a month. It still makes tensions a bit high.

Okay, I’m off to read; and hopefully sleep well. But first make some lunches and maybe a bath. Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to have a nice bathtub with no icky shower doors!? I really love this apartment. I need to get some pictures.


Sunday Wind Down

Last Chance, First Glance

Tomorrow I’m hosting a Last Chance First Glance party at my new place. From 2-6 PM. People can stock up on the scents and items that are going to be discontinuing at the end of August; and I’ll have a sneak peek at the new items and scents coming out for fall and winter.



I’m not sure what to expect for the turn out; as no one has RSVP’d yes; and I asked those to reach out to me for my address; and nothing. I don’t really want to set up for nothing, but I don’t want to not set up and then at 1:30 have people text me and find of where.

I’m lounging on the couch and catching up on a lot of episodes of Bachelor in Paradise; don’t judge. I’m totally looking forward to Ellen starting back up in September.  I talked myself out of getting breakfast at McDonald’s and got some stuff done; then ran to Michael’s to get a few things and I walked out with the few things I needed; nothing more.

I feel a nap coming on. Not really going to fight it.


Last Chance, First Glance

Needing the weekend; mostly sleep

It’s been quite the week; though I have nothing too interesting to report.  My niece turned three on Monday, and my nephew will be five tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday they were born. Time truly has flown, and what little personalities they have.

We celebrated their birthdays yesterday at Happy Joe’s.

I got off work at noon. It was nice I ran a few errands before, took an hour nap, then ran a few more errands and met up with Mom and Joe in WL and we went together.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all; I normally don’t sleep great as is, and take sleeping pills but even with that, its been horribly crappy this week. I cannot wait to talk to the neurologist in October about it. In the meantime in September I’m meeting with some sleep program that has a 76% success rate. It can’t hurt to try. I’m just anxious to see what it’s about; especially since it doesn’t involve medicine.

Adam and I had thought about taking his daughter to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday if he wasn’t working overtime; but he is, both Friday and Saturday; so that sucks. I offered to watch her if need be, but her aunt will be watching her. Kinda bummed because I kinda wanted a girls day just her and I, but there I’ll be other times.

I have a Last Chance First Glace Scentsy Open House planned this weekend on Sunday; but no one has actually said that YES they are coming… so I really don’t want to get everything all set out for no one to show up. I obviously fail at this. The people will have to ask me my address in order to come as very few people have been to my place; so I’m guessing it’ll be a flop.

I need a night of vegging in front of the TV; but I have a dishwasher that needs emptied, and a sink of dishes that need loaded into the dishwaher, laundry that is gracing the furniture and a laundry basket of laundry that needs put away, and if I were a guessing girl; I’d guess I have towels in the dryer that need folded; maybe not… but I’m guessing yes.

But if I attempt to do this right away when I get home; then maybe I’ll zone out into some stuff on my DVR that needs watched.


Needing the weekend; mostly sleep

August is awesome!

A little over 5 years ago I joined Scentsy on a whim. I had been to a handful of parties, none by the same consultant. I fell in love with the product from the first time I saw it. Having epilepsy means you can have a seizure at any time. While mine is controlled with medicine; I loved how safe Scentsy was.

Before I got my first order in, I had already placed a second order. I love it. Fast forward a year or so, I was at dinner with my friend / college roomie, Jess (we have an awesome name!) and she had just started selling Scentsy a few months prior. She told me how easy it was and all these fun little extras for being a consultant; but never really asked me to join her. On my hour drive home I thought about it and clicked the join button that night.

I wasn’t sure what I got myself into, worse case scenario, I spent $99 on a cube of each available scent, and got some fun products on top of it. Little did I know what it would turn into for me. I started a bit slow, learning it all, watching every team meeting and other trainings offered. My day job had kept me more than plenty busy, plus I was helping my folks out bartending some too. It was so easy.

I went to the mini 1-day trainings that they hold regionally, and finally in 2014 I went to the first Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR). I had cancelled the 2013 due to my grandmother being ill, and not sure how much longer she had… I didn’t want to chance it.  Going to St. Louis to the SFR I had no clue how much this would change my business. That winter I decided I was going to make it work in 2015, and slowly I did. My sales were up, I grew my team, and promoted a rank, and held on and did so again January 2016. I’ve seen great growth in my customer base, my sales, and just myself as a Scentsy Consultant.

I have had months where my rent is paid by my Scentsy income, I almost aways pay one of my big bills with it; car payment or cable / internet bill. It allows me to have a little room for “fun money”.

Aside from the financial help; I’ve become friends with people all over the US who are in the same group  / team as I am. It’s been so much fun. I never thought that the $99 investment would become so much more than a safe candle alternative…

August Join

Since I’ve joined Scentsy has added so much to their product line; diffusers, laundry products, skin/body products, more on-the-go items, and essential oil to go with the diffusers.

If you are interested in joining I’d love to chat with you and help you; if you just want to buy the $99 kit and get nearly $300 in stuff free, I’ll be glad to help you with that as well!

There are some awesome join deals happening now; if you sell 500 in the first 15 days (which I will help you!) you get the Shooting Star award; but with that you get the FREE Shooting Star Enhancement kit free; yes FREE! Normally you have to pay $200 for this and it has about $325 worth of product, well, now it’s got about $375 worth. I wish I had this opportunity!

Shop or join my team:


August is awesome!