Long weekend winddown

An eventful, yet restful weekend.  I had written a long post but I managed to delete it somehow.

After a quick trip to the Quick Care Wednesday to find out I just had a horrible cold and high temperature, I grabbed some medicine and had a very boring birthday.

Thursday I went to brunch with Dad, Deb, Vic, Cody, Judy and Eliana. I’d never been to Twelve 01 Kitchen and Tap, it was good! The ham was probably some of the best I’ve ever had.

Friday I did some prep work for the in-home, multi vendor event I was going to be at on Saturday, and a little office cleaning / reorganizing. Saturday was the very successful event. Today I’ve just been doing laundry and a little odds and ends here and there.

I started reading the second book by Jaycee Dugard; Freedom: My Book of Firsts. I really like it. I enjoyed her first book.

I think I’m going to head to WL in a bit to drop off a Scentsy order, and pick up my first ever Christmas tree my  brother has been storing in his basement for 4 years. We shall see if it still lights up. I saw a picture I posted of it, when I first got it and put it up. Even though no one will see it, I kinda want to decorate.   But… only if the lights work, otherwise its going straight to the dumpster and I’ll wait to buy one another time.

I have to pick up some stuff at the grocery store to do a little baking for work; just some peanut butter star cookies.

All in all, laundry is getting done, kitchen is getting clean. Office got cleaned and organized; successful long weekend.


Long weekend winddown


It’s my birthday, and for the first time in a while, I could care less. Just another day.

I saw both my Mom and Joe, and Dad and Deb on Sunday(along with Luke, and the kids) and they gave me my gifts when I was in town for a vendor event. Not that the gifts are what matter, it’s not, but what I’m getting at is, it’s just another day for everyone to say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

I had tried to remove my birthday from there in order to do a social experirment, to see just how many would remember or know, but obvioulsy it didn’t save.

Sunday night I was feeling kinda crummy; I’m blaming it on the 50 degree weather change. Normally it’s a bit more gradual. Monday and Tuesday it was a bit worse, last night was downright miserable. I took Benadryl and thought I’d be asleep in no time; wrong. I was awake all night. I’m not sure if the medicine is expired or what, but I slept maybe 2 hours if that.

Today I’m feeling pretty horrible. I’m glad we are closing the office at 3. I’m going to head striaght to Quick Care and figure out whatever the heck it is I have going on. My thermometer at home says I have no temperature, but I really need to get a new one. This is the beautiful rash I have. My lips are not painted with lipstick, they are just that chapped.


We shall see soon enough. I was to go to a vistation tonight; becuase it’s that JUST what you want to do on your birthday? I decided to stay home and rest up. I’ll go to the funeral on Friday. I’ll see how I am feeling tomorrow and let my Dad know if I’ll meet them for brunch tomorrow or not. I don’t want to chance getting anyone else sick.

I plan on getting my ass home after the appointment (and hopefully picking up meds) and crawling into bed. Okay, maybe just the couch to watch some DVR’d show that have been piling up. Totally living it up right? I mean this beats an ER trip from something around my 25thish birthday.

Cheers to another year on this side of the grass.



A Whole Day Off!

I originally wasn’t going to request my birthday off, so my coworker did; then I booked a Scentsy event 11/20 and 11/26, so I requested 11/18; but the coworker took it off too. I asked for 11/17 (today) but my boss was sick Tuesday and Wednesday and it wasn’t approved in the system. I wasn’t going to take it; it wasn’t right. Eventually, the boss above had some contact with her and said it was fine. I wasn’t going to just not come in; that’s not how I was raised, and I would have figured out how to get things done.

But it all worked out; and let me tell you; it was nice to have a day off to get things done.

I attempted to go get my driver’s license renewed last Saturday, but they were closed Friday and Saturday due to Veteran’s Day; so I was successful with that today. In and out in 20 minutes. I was convinced that this was going to be the year I would have to drive and take the test; but nope!  I was on the east side of Iowa City, so I stopped into Dollar Tree to pick up a few things for the vendor event on Sunday, then grabbed lunch at Panera, and came back home.  I needed to move a few things around in my garage – it was fine I can pull in, but I really just needed to arrange a bit better. I had a few mice in there and I have been very scared! But… no signs of them. I got it swept out really well, got some things pitched, put more poison down; and cleaned out my trunk.  I have to say, I’m a little concerned about mice crawling up into my engine though. I need to do some research. So far all I’ve seen is dryer sheets – Adam made a great point, putting something that could potentially be flammable under there is questionable. I agreed. I’m definitely not going to remember to take it out every morning and put it back in at night.

I’m adding a few pictures; it’s November 17th, it was 73 degrees. I wore a tshirt and had flip flops on to get my license renewed; and wasn’t really feeling the “holiday” spirit prepping for this event on Sunday; but thankfully Snapchat has a snow filter.  And then you know, back to my glasses; geek glare and all.

My office is a bit of a mess – but I think I’ve got a bit of a better grasp on this even this year. I did it last year, and had a few customers actually reach out to see if I’d be there this year. I hope to be a bit more organized. I’m actually taking less warmers, but marking them to sell. I’m crawling into bed feeling like Saturday will be a great day to get ready for this and Sunday I can load up and go!


A Whole Day Off!


img_2771This is a photo I shared on Facebook and Instagram. November 15th is #WorldAdoptionDay and it’s garnering a lot of social media coverage!


#worldadoptionday They didn’t “make” me, they just got a call to come get me, and brought me home just a few days fresh. I’ve always known I was adopted, I thought it was neat. I grew in their hearts and Luke in mom’s tummy. I sometimes am thankful for it [jokingly usually], even though there are a lot of mysteries health wise I am proud. Check out the hashtag and all the smilies on the hands. Many happy families made from adoption!

I am very lucky to have the family I have. All of them.

Life is a bit crazy as I have a Scentsy event on Sunday and then next Saturday so I’m doing a lot of prep for that after work… I’ll find time to write when I have time!  But this was something I really wanted to document.



A change up.

The election is over. Living in Iowa, we’ve been facing stumping, campaginng and all this for nearly two years. Just as the media outlets were, I’m not really sure anyone really thought we’d see the election results we did; but Mr. Trump is President-elect. I own and run a pretty successful Scentsy business, so if you know me in person, you probably know my poltical views. I try to keep that off social media (and offline in general) and really I try not to talk about it, in general.

In other news it’s been two full weeks since transitioning my meds from 10pm to the morning, in order to see if that might help with sleeping, and it’s crazy how in only two weeks, I feel like it’s a complete chnage for the better. Sure I still feel like my name should be Stress Parizek, but I’m waking up better wiht my alarm, on weekends I’m waking up much earlier than normal, because I’m not completely exahusted. Who knew? And why the heck did this change not happen years ago, for all the years I’ve been saying sleep has been an issue?  I know that the efficacy of the drugs is working for me when I take them, and doing their thing, but I’m noticing some things. My headaches are non-existant these last two weeks. My appitate is gone – which is a side effect. [One I will love!] Obviously when I was taking it at 10pm, it was strong at night when I was attempting to sleep, which what good does it do then? I’m feeling much more rested, becuase I’m actually sleeping. it is a great feeling. I’m wondeirng if this might just be what I needed.

I often make goals / plans for my birthday vs the new year; and that’s coming up much faster than it seems; not quite two weeks away. I’ve decided I will try to see the positive in anything, and I will make time for those who make time for me; this is a bit two fold; even though I’m pretty dang swamped at work – working more hours than the normal 40 hours a week; and fall is busy time in Scentsy land, I need to make time to connect with family and friends. If they don’t want to connect back, that’s their loss.

I’m done being bent out of shape not hearing from people for months, when they aren’t willing to put time in either. We all have the same 24 hours.

I will leave you with the quote I just posted to Facebook and Instagram

Where words fail, music speaks.




A change up.


Today and tomorrow is the community open houses for the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital; set to open December 10th. I heard there was 7,000 people a who went through today.

On Thursday, employees were invited to go over, we had about an hour. I only got to see Lower Level 2. There was some stuff that got me tied up, so I had to go back; and didn’t get the rest of the tour. I will likely never get to see the rest of the stuff unless they are units I need to take stuff to.  I feel a little bummed by it all. I didn’t volunteer to work because I wish “thank you” would be thrown around a bit more than it is, or even just once.

Our office isn’t moving. A few of the people in our office are going. Half of the stuff I order will no longer being coming to our office; and we aren’t even sure about the mail; because it’s November and it’s not been thought of…

To say I’m a bit nervous about what is to come with this opening is an understatement.

It’s Saturday night at 9pm and I’m lounging on the couch catching up on a weeks worth of DVR. How the years have changed. I know I have an extra hour tonight. I spent the day at the Iowa Seizure Smart Conference. It was nice. I had stepped away from the seizure community after I had been pressured a bit too much by them and couldn’t say no; and it was a good conference to attend. Sometimes I feel like I don’t need to go because I’m a boring patient who is 9 1/2 months seizure free. Then I realize I could be in a situation where I need their help for work, or medication issues some day. Or maybe if I have kiddos.

I have a few loads of laundry and some stuff to clean  up in the kitchen.  I’m trying to think of what I can make for lunch tomorrow. I really need to make some plans for meals and such. Tomorrow is going to be a planning day.

I cancelled Netflix for the month of November, and probably will keep it turned off through December. You know that $20 will save a lot, but it’s gas in my car.




Another week

How is it that I plan on writing every few days and all the sudden it’s been over a week?  I had my yearly check up with the Neurologist. Well, that’s a lie. I don’t see my Neurologist anymore, I see his PA; because I’m a boring patient. I’m okay with being boring; that means they just need to fill out my DOT paperwork and refill my medication. I was so set on standing up and getting Ambien or something for my sleep. I currently take either 3 of the generic Simply Sleep; so 75mg or 3-4 generic Benadryl. Yes, that’s a lot, and she knows. She was a little shocked. But she knows.

She actually brought it up; but nothing. There’s some ungodly high percentage [like 75% or more] people with seizure disorder / epilepsy have issues with sleeping. Well, she chalked it up to the side effects of both my meds have insomnia listed; and that I might be unlucky to face that. for 14 years I have taken them at night; around 10pm. She suggested to move them to the morning.  It hasn’t been a week yet, and I feel like I’m sleeping better. I need to try to taper back on the Benadryl/Simply Sleep I’m taking and see if I can do better. I feel like my appetite is suppressed a bit – which is one of the side effects of both meds; so HEY maybe it still does have that effect but it was just doing it at 3am.. when I was attempting to sleep.    We shall see.

I’m actually yawning and feeling tired again tonight. I’m liking it. I’m not sure why this wasn’t noted until now.  Hoping this works!

In other news, we are 37 days from moving in to the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Goodness. I could have sworn this was an idea, and then a hole in the ground, and now it’s a thing… patients will be in there and surgeries will be done in there in a month and a week. How!?!  It’s freaking November. This year has flown.

I really need to break out the new planner and get some things in there but I’m nervous it’s hard.. but I need to.

I bought a ticket to see LANco and Dylan Scott at First Avenue Club and got the sweetest message from the owner when I got the “shipped” email saying he was sending 3 extra comped tickets. I was blown away. Totally made my day in the chaos of work.  This is not only why you support local business, but why you see live music when said local business bring them locally!  This was not expected, but wow; talk about making my day. And LANco. The band that hardly anyone knows, but I listen to non-stop!  And Waterloo Revival, and Zach DuBois… but you know, don’t ask me for suggestions because they’ll be mainstream in a few years and you’ll be ike “why do I know this song?” duh you heard it in my car….

Okay, I need to cringe and check in on the score of the once tied 7-7 Game 7 of the Cubs vs Indians World Series game, and do a few things in my office, and then crawl in bed.