16 Moments from 2016

I’ve read a few of this, so I thought I’d do my  own. I’m hoping to keep up with it every New Years Eve…

These are the memorable; both good and bad of 2016

  1. While at work I stood up and took 5 steps to the desk in same office area and sprained my ankle incredibly bad.  The photo on the left was taken the evening of; and on the right the photo of a week or more later… I just have bad ankles.
  2. The last week of January; I was in WL house/dogsitting. I left straight from there to go to Minneapolis. I spent a day with Karan, then I went to the Scentsy event called World Tour – it’s a one-day training!   Turbo loves when I come hang with him for a week!  I’ll be doing it again in January 2017!doggysittin-turbo
  3.  The highly anticipated Jaiden “Teaspoon” Carter was born! My best friend had her baby. He was born shortly after 4pm on March 3rd. I worked that day, and then came home to nap til about 9pm then took off, I got to the hospital about 7 the next morning. I spent the rest of the weekend with them.  It was hard to leave them, but I
  4. knew they’d be home in just a few weeks. It’s been since July that I’ve seen them, and I’m missing them A LOT. teaspoon
  5. After almost 4 years since first seeing them, Love & Theft were going to be in concert at a localish country bar… while they were great; I’d had a long week before so I was tired, and I wasn’t exactly feeling it for the concert.
  6. On April 13th the Parizek family was shocked when Grandpa Gib was needing to be rushed to the ER.I spent a good portion of the evening at the hospital that Wednesday night. I went into work for an hour to talk to my boss, and let her know that I needed to leave and be with family. On the 14th he was declining, not showing any signs of consciousnesses, and that afternoon, with all of us around, Grandpa Gib passed away. I wrote on Facebook: “I am most certain Heaven got a lot louder this afternoon welcoming Grandpa Gib; and West Liberty a lot quieter. He is back with Grandma Joyce.”   I’m still not sure I dealt with losing my last 3 Grandparents in a span of 22 months. 13007329_10154120587177171_4569188210218272806_n
  7.  I had planned on moving to a bigger condo from my apartment in July / August sometime; but around the same time of Grandpa’s death I heard from the landlord that there was a condo opening up; May 1st. I could either move then or not until December. Talk about a whirlwind. I had a few weeks to pack, line up movers for the big stuff, and get moved. Moving + grieving totally wrecked havoc on my health / emotionally too. But I got moved and I love my new place.
  8. In the midst of my move (quite a bit happened in a span of 6 weeks) I celebrated 5 years with Scentsy. Something I joined to get the kit, thinking that maybe I could make some extra money to pay for my prescription meds each month; has become a legit second income. It allowed me to move into a new, bigger condo and do other things I wouldn’t have been able to do financially!
  9. At the day job, one of the programs I worked for had a situation where an item didn’t get sent with the funeral home…  After work I voluntarily made a trip an hour away to deliver it. I think that was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done for work, and I wasn’t even on the clock: here is what I wrote on Instagram: “Sometimes is easier to tell you that I just spend money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. I tell you for the last 6ish years I have been on the back end of building a freestanding Children’s Tower; for the last 4 of those years you can physically see the work. This photo, it tells a different story about what I do. I buy fabric that is graciously made into a pouch to hold various items I buy to support the grieving family; books and these pewter hearts. As you can see one goes in the casket or urn, the other with Mom or Dad. It didn’t make it with the body to the funeral home, so tonight I took a little road trip and made a special delivery. #ThisIsWhatIDo “13267829_10154212910722171_5119868979783415561_n
  10. While I didn’t go to as many concerts / shows this year, there were some pretty meaningful ones. I saw LanCo – whom I’ve been following for quite some time; and had a chance to say hello and meet them after their set.  The picture is not great, but they are awesome guys! 13640788_10154332579677171_7092263552173281248_o
  11. In July I took an entire week off work – the first vacation I’ve taken since my coworkers position was filled. I spent a few days with Shawn and Jaiden, then I was headed to the Opryland Hotel for the yearly Scentsy convention – we call Scentsy Family Reunion.  This whole SFR was one for the books. I, along with 600 other consultants participated in the “5 Year March” if you ave been a consultant for 5 years during that year of SFR, you get to walk across stage. It was awesome!   We had a private concert at the Grand Ole Opry featuring Lauren Alaina, Striking Matches, and Scotty McCreery! I was 2 rows from the stage.  I connected with team members and fellow consultant I met a few years ago at a Scentsy event who lives about an hour away… to say we had a good time is an understatement.  Next year is in Kansas City! This is a photo of Wendy and I hitting up Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on our free night out in Nashville  13707743_10154369029867171_3407402923047934788_n
  12. In August, another big / fun concert that I got to check off my #ConcertBucketList – Waterloo Revival. They were in Des Monies, and I was pumped. I got a VIP booth that we actually switched to a table center stage. It was awesome. Here’s a fun selfie of me with George and Codywr
  13. The Friday before Labor Day, Adam and I were both off; on a whim we decided to road trip to House On The Rock – it was probably the best day / date ever. One I will never forget. We just had a good time, taking our time on the drive up, the whole time we were there, and then on the way back!  We capped the night with drinks on the balcony.
  14.  In September I celebrated 9 years of seizure freedom! 9
  15. At the end of September I had been suffering from weird spasms in my back, that would make it hard for me to stand up straight and get walking. After nearly 2 weeks of it, a few visits to the Chiropractor, which helped a little but not enough; I was in so much pain, I called Mom to come get me and take me to the ER. Very bad case of siatica; pain meds and a weekend of sleeping.
  16. I closed out 2016 with an awesome Fall / Winter with Scentsy. I had a small event in West Liberty that was a HUGE success. I ended December having sold just a bit shy of 10,000 in retail to my customers. Not bad considering for about 2 1/2  I was tied up with crazy time at work, a death in the family, and moving. I just have some great customers.

While there was a lot of not so fun stuff that happened in 2016; it was good overall. I’m hopeful that 2017 will be better!


16 Moments from 2016

Merry Christmas

Christmas already! It’s been a great Christmas. Thursday after work I went to my Aunt Jan’s and had a nice dinner with the Brophy side; love that all my cousins have kids, they provide great entertainment!

I took Friday off, and ran a few errands, then met up with my good friend, Clint for a few drinks. After that I went to WL for Parizek Christmas; another nice meal. I left there a bit early, the roads were pretty crappy, it was slushy / rainy /  icy out. I was glad to be nice to have made it home safely.

Saturday I had no intentions of doing any shopping, but I added a few things on Target.com for pick up and they were ready on Saturday, and then there were a few things on Cartwheel that were expiring Saturday; including 3 twelve packs of Pepsi for $12, but then 50% off with Cartwheel; so $5.99; so I grabbed that twice.  I went into Hobby Lobby and walked out with nothing. I made some chex mix in the evening.

This morning I went to my brothers and we had breakfast then opened gifts. It’s always so fun to watch them get excited  for the gifts.   I had given mom access to a shared Wishlist on Amazon for my birthday and Christmas, so she grabbed a few of those items, and she got us a Google Home. I’ve not yet set it up, nor even out of the box.

I’m currently holding down the couch… watching Fuller House Season 2.

I’m ready for my Christmas Tree and the few holiday things I have to be put away and things moved back to where they belong. I need an ornament box though… online shopping and pick up at Target tomorrow?

We shall see.


Merry Christmas

Big / Divorced Families + Holidays

My parents divorced when I was very young; when I was about 2 years old…  My Mom remarried and my Dad did eventually. I have 3 step-brothers on my Dad’s side, no other siblings on my Mom’s side. With big families comes more Christmases to go to. It’s a lot. As we are older; the “kids” have families of their own – still not me… but it makes it harder and harder to plan them.

For all my life we celebrated Parizek Christmas with Grandma Eva on Christmas Eve. She passed away January of 2015, so the 2015 Christmas we did on Christmas Eve. This year, a few week ago it was changed to December 23rd. Last year I cooked everything. I was asked to do some cooking again this year, dinner at 6. I don’t get to  my car until 5:30… and work on the 23rd, so I took the day off. I find out from my Mom (other side of the family) that my cousin said there isn’t enough room for me to cook there so I just need to bring everything. Okay. weird, Grandma and I managed just fine for 14 years, but okay. The more I thought about it, I’m driving the farthest, so I just said okay, well I’ll just bring the baked beans now.

I’m contemplating canceling my day off, but maybe I’ll keep it. It’ll be slow so I could get a lot done.. I will decide on Monday or Tuesday. This week and next will be slow.

I have a Christmas on Thursday after work too; of course the Parizek family is getting together then to have drinks on Grandpa; of course, as usual, Luke, Jill and I aren’t going to be able to go.   Big  / divorced families you can’t win ’em all. Just wished they’d have asked us before planning. Oh well.

On Sunday I’ll be headed to Luke and Jill’s to do Christmas with them and Mom and Joe. I just get the kids books or old school movies (I think I got them Free Willy and Little Rascals).  I’ll  be mailing Jaiden’s gifts; also books probably after Christmas. Mean Aunt Jess, totally get boring gifts, but I hope that they enjoy them someday.

Not doing anything with Adam and his daughter; though I did get her a few things, books – no surprise there.

I don’t do much (if any) gifts for my parents, brother, sister in law. I did send Jill a book from Amazon earlier this week. I need to find Outback Bowl Shirts for the fam; I couldn’t find them in their size at the gift shop this week. It’s what I was going to get Joe, Luke, and Adam.  I need to find something for my Mom… and I think I have it; she’s SO hard to buy gifts for. She’s very much one who buys just what she wants when she wants it.

It’s only 9:15 and most of last week and this week I’ve been up til at least midnight, and then it takes a bit to turn my mind off once I’m in bed. Last night I was in bed about 10:30. Tonight I’m thinking about crawling in bed soon and reading.

I only have plans to bake this weekend, and really, it’s nothing too crazy. I have all but one ingredient; so if I venture out to get it I’ll make those but eh, nothing too important, it’s just for me. #ChunkyChickProbs

Okay, my book is calling my name…. and I don’t even know what book I’m going to start, but my goal is to read 2 this weekend. I’m at only 48  books for the year… this is how you know it’s been a busy year. I want to try and hit at least 50. My big goal is 52, so I can average 1 / week.


Big / Divorced Families + Holidays

Sunday… I need one more day!

Another snowy Sunday. It’s been a busy week. Scentsy busy time is coming to a close for the holiday season. My personal holiday cut off is tomorrow. However you can still order from my website through the 19th to ensure delivery by Christmas; however that does not mean we can control weather so I urge you to order early! You could get your delivery at 8pm on Christmas Eve.

I had lunch with my Mom today, and now I’m spending some time in my office. One more full week of work before a few short weeks.

I need to work on some goals for 2017 for business and myself.

I’ve finally caught up on The Voice, and I’ve got a few episodes in on This Is Us; but have about 7 more to watch; a little behind!

I cannot believe it’s already halfway through December, where the heck did the year go!?  I am very much looking forward to the Monday and Tuesday holiday time off after Christmas, it will be much needed.


Sunday… I need one more day!

Snowy Sunday

Last weekend on a whim I decided to ask my brother if my tree was in storage in his basement; and it was! Before I got it all put together I plugged it in, and they all lit up.  Prelit trees are great; I was just nervous that after 4 years in storage it might not have worked. I moved a few things around and found the perfect spot for the tree – it’s like it was meant to go there!

I waited until payday to grab a topper and bulbs for it. Yesterday I stopped into Michael’s as they were having a big sale, and snagged this cute little tree, and I got lights for my balcony railing.  I’m glad I decided to decorate, even if I’m the only one who will see it. Adam said it was pretty.

Christmas tree, cute little tree,and balcony railing lights.

Adam came down and we ordered pizza, I made him some Chex mix. It was a nice relaxing night of football and couch sitting.

The news has been calling for snow this weekend, we’re right on the 1-2 and 2-4 inches; it was really coming down hard earlier but it’s slowed a bit. I’d say we had 2 1/2 – 3 inches for now, but it hasn’t stopped.

View from my couch; the snow isn’t sticking too much, but it was pretty!

I got most of my errands ran yesterday; including a trip to West Liberty to delver a whole bunch of Scentsy.

I should run into HyVee today at some point, but I’ll wait for a little bit because maybe I’ll grab dinner while I’m out and about… but I think I’ll take a little nap.

I wanted to share some awesome Scentsy deals – right now the NCAA mini warmer and helmet warmers are buy one, get one free. YES FREE!  I’ve got a photo of the mini warmer (top yellow) and helmet warmer (bottom black) below – in University of Iowa – because I live here in the same town as the U of I!  Also a reminder the absolute last day to receive an order by Christmas (it’ll come Christmas Eve) is December 19th.  Weather issues may cause delays, so I urge you to order before then if possible to ensure holiday delivery.

If you are wanting to order:




Snowy Sunday