Every year my Mom and Joe take a much needed week off and I joke that I get custody of my dog, Turbo for a week. Long ago when I finally got my seizures under control I was able to move out of my parents place; my dog was not able to come with. And frankly, he was more comfy there with a doggy door and fenced in back yard. I think my parents would have been devastated had I taken him.  He’s grown a bit needy in that he’s gotten used to being walked and let out as my Mom’s schedule allows to come home between lunch and dinner rush at the restaurant

My Mom puts in way too many hours, so this week off is so well deserved. I come to WL and hang out at their house with the dog and do a few things at the bar / restaurant but mostly love on my doggy for a week. This time it’s a bit bittersweet. My doggy is getting old. He celebrated his 12th birthday in November, and well, he’s old for his breed. He has skin allergies, and takes meds twice daily.

All this to say, he’s getting old, he has a leg that’s not so great, and I’m fairly certain that when my parents get home we are going to have to have to make some decisions. Tough decisions, decisions that no pet owner wants to make. I’ve been filling my Facebook and Instagram feed with photos and I’m not even sorry about it.  I know someday I’ll miss his raunchy farts, yah, I said it.

This week has gone by fast, I’m only here a few more days.  I haven’t slept too bad. I normally don’t sleep so great here, but I brought my own pillows, body pillow, and comforter, so that helps.

I didn’t turn the TV on until Thursday. It’s amazing how nice it was. And tonight I’ve only turned it on to watch the news. I miss my office / desktop computer, but I will get back to it soon enough. A little escape from it all is really not a bad thing.

The nap I took from 5-7 was not my wisest choice but the headache was not fun. I think I’ll catch up on This Is Us. Anyone else watching it?



Book Review: Waves of Despair – Jenn Foor

All my life, reading has just been just something I’ve always done and loved. I spent my babysitting on money on books, whatver allowance I was given, I got books for birthday and Christmas gifts. Reading is my happy place.


A few years ago; more than a couple, less than five if we are getting technical, my sister in law, Jill told me of an author that she had recently discovered and loved. I, of course started at the begining of her work and have been one to pre-order and read as soon as the latest book comes out. I’ve fallen in love with her characters, and their stories. I even told Jenn Foor, the author that I feel so connected to these characters as if they are family.

A few days ago, Jenn reached out and asked me if I wanted to beta read her latest release. Of course I did. It was an honor to be asked.  The book showed up on my Kindle about 10:15 PM and I dove into it. At about 25% I knew I just had to goto sleep… I have a short busride from my parking lot to my office, after my commute in, so I snuck in about 10 minutes of reading then, and I read during my half hour lunch – which is just enough time to eat, not enough time to dive into a book! I stopped and grabbed some take out on my way home and made myself a spot on the couch with my blanket and finished the book.

All the while Jenn sent me a few messages and I shared with her a few things – hence the reason to beta read.  Let me tell you, I always think the last book she writes is “the best of all” but this book was absoultely, incredibly beautiful. The story, the development of characters, the way it grips you, tugs at your heartstrings. It feels so real, like you are involved in the characters situations, in their lives.  Her writing is so realistic that sometimes I have to remind myself “this is fiction”.

I’m not one to reread a book;  I can probably count on two hands the books I’ve reread; Traveling Light, The Fault In The Stars, Two By Two – are three that I can think of off hand. Maybe I should take it back, and can only count on one hand. I sent Jenn a message, let her know I finished it, my thoughts. I quickly wrote my review for Goodreads and will post it when the book goes live on Amazon.  I did a few things, then crawled in bed and started the book over again!

The book can be read as as standalone, but you would be better off reading the Oyster Cove Series. While your at it, do yourself a favor and read the Mitchell / Healy Series, and Love’s Suicide. You will enjoy her books; and the prices are great on the pocketbook!

If I had to rate this book on a 1-5 star scale; I would honestly give it 5 stars. This book is one that I will remember and recommend.


Book Review: Waves of Despair – Jenn Foor

Ice ice baby.

For a week the meteorologists have been forecasting an ice storm for the Midwest; to come in Sunday through Tuesday. As usual, the closer it gets things change.  Today, I am off, due to the holiday, but I’m glad to not have to be out in this mess.

A few weeks ago when the Chiefs won, Adam and I thought about going to the playoff game. I even booked a hotel. Tickets weren’t exactly cheap, but we could have pulled it off. He made arrangements to switch weekends he had his daughter so we could go. Just about when we were going to buy tickets the adult in us came out and we decided against it. It just didn’t seem like a smart move, financially.

Friday the NFL announced with the anticipated ice storm the game time was being moved from noon to 7:30. I was secretly excited to get to watch it inside, on the couch, warm! I planned on making some snacky things; even though it was going to be just us.  I packed up a bunch of things – he’s a bachelor, with a tiny kitchen and little to no “kitchen things”. I had baked him some mini loaves of banana bread the night before with the forgotten bananas, and decided to use up the eggs and ground sausage I had to make an egg bake / casserole. I also made some bacon wrapped smokies. Far too much food for two people. He’ll have leftovers for quite some time.

In the middle of it all, I decided [well I already knew] that his kitchen was not clean enough to my standards, hah! So I gave it an overhaul. A much needed one. We watched the Packers / Cowboys game, and then ultimately watched the Chiefs lose.

We went up to bed; as he had to work today, and I laid awake, for no reason really but then I got to thinking about the ice storm; finally a few hours later, I woke him up and said I was going to just head home, ahead of the storm.

The roads got better as the ice storm / sleet / freezing rain was chasing me; but as I pulled in to North Liberty to get gas [my light was very close to coming on] the side roads were shitty and it was downright horrible. I was glad to have decided to come home.

I slept in; let me tell you, sleep is a great thing… I think on weekends, or days off, is when my body plays catch up from the week. I’ve spent some time in my office, okay, I’ve been in here all day. I’ve finalized a Scentsy order, helped a friend join my team and take advantage of the $49 join special. I’m planning out my week and now I think I’ll head to the couch for a little catching up of what’s on the DVR!

Long weekends sometimes backfire in that I like routine, schedules but I feel like I’ve gotten caught up on a lot. Starting next weekend through the end of the month it’ll be a whirlwind of affairs. Head shots, a Sunday work meeting, then starting the 24th I’ll be in WL for the rest of the month. Including dropping the car off and getting a loaner while some routine maintenance + some repair is done.That shouldn’t take too long

While house / dogsitting is sort of a pain, I know that the days are numbered with Turbo, so I enjoy that. Plus it’s kind of nice to turn off life for a bit. I get a lot of reading done, and just step away from social media some. Granted, there’s internet / wifi but not having my office with me, I can detach a bit.

Okay, I think I hear some cookies needing to be made / baked and some DVR needing to be watched.


Ice ice baby.

What I’d give for some sleep!

I’ve always struggled with falling asleep; except when I had Ambien prescribed to me. Unfortunately for some reason, neither my family doctor nor my neurologist will prescribe it; one says the other should; resulting in nothing. I take an ungodly amount of sleeping pills to fall asleep at night and sometime that doesn’t even work.

For example; I usually take 4 or 5 Benadryl [generic, usually] or 3 Tylenol Simply Sleep / Unisom [again, generic]. I am sure this is incredibly unhealthy. Melatonin works, it just doesn’t work well with my stomach and it’s downright disastrous. I’ve tried different ways; the melty thing under your tongue, pills, gummies, many different kinds of gummies; all to find out my tummy hates melatonin.

I’ve tried so many things; and nothing works. I’ve gone in for a sleep study, no sleep apnea; though I’d like to do it again. I feel like I’m starting to snore.

I need to be in bed, it’s 10:50. Instead wide awake.  I feel like if I could go into work at like 11, then work til later in the evening, I would sleep better, but honestly I’d just push the envelope of crawling in bed and it’d just be the same cycle as when I’m up at 6:45/7.

We’re 11 days into the new year, and while I don’t need January 1 to make new goals; I am aiming for 6 hours of sleep each night.

I really just need to have a better diet [not go on a diet, just eat better] and exercise. I just need to make small things to get to a bigger goal.  In time.  For now, I’m going to go try to sleep…


What I’d give for some sleep!

New Year Plans / Goals

Last year I picked a word; intentional and I shared my goals. I cannot remember where I read it; somewhere on the internet, (if it’s on the internet it’s true)  about sharing your goals sets you up for failure. I’m not sure if I believe that, but I kind of think if you write your goals down for yourself and don’t shout it to the world you might be more inclined to accomplish them.  I also believe goals need to be attainable. You cannot weigh 250 and want to weigh 175 by the end of the year; possible, yes; but not something that’ll come without a lot of dedication and work.

Goals that are a bit more reachable will make you (more specifically me) feel better knowing I’ve reached them.  I’ve got some bigger, lofty goals – for life in general, for health, and for my business, but I’ve also got some smaller goals for the month. Attainable, small goals, that I can cross off when they are reached.

I’m really not a fan of the calendar reading January 1st to have a new start. I’ve always kinda did the restart on my birthday. I have a new planner, so I’ve got the new goals listed.

Its already 11:30 on Friday, and I’ve managed to do a whole lot of nothing tonight. I finished the latest Jennifer Foor book; Wrong Side of Rock Bottom Tuesday night, okay really early Wednesday morning, and I have kind of been in a book hangover from it. I have plenty to read and choose from. I just need to crawl in bed and start one.

A weekend with no plans, totally what I need.  I need to plan what my Scentsy business looks like for 2017 and maybe some budgeting. But first, I need to crawl in bed, it’s been late nights all week.



New Year Plans / Goals

And it’s 2017!

2016 was here and gone in the blink of an eye!  I spent New Years Eve in West Liberty – hopeful for a meet up with some of my classmates, but only one showed. Much of my family was in, and it resulted in me being a DD for my brother Vic. He needed to get to Iowa City for a get together, then back home. I drove him up, filled my car with gas, washed it, came home for a bit then went back and got him.  To some this might suck or be annoying, but I don’t mind. 1) I knew he was going to be safe, and 2) I’ve been driven around during the times I could not drive, and 3) I don’t drink much and I really don’t mind!

By the time I got home it was “Scentsy midnight” so I was able to place my January 1st order… glad I did! Our Warmer of the Month – Stargaze; sold out in 2 hours! It’s already on a back order that could possibly be 90 days out!


If you want to order it: reach out as it cannot be ordered through my website until it’s back in stock. I can order it for you and direct ship!

I slept in until noon; but I was up so late I deserved it. I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, got groceries, caught up on some DVR’d shows, and now it’s late again and I need to get to bed.

With a new year comes a new Goodreads Challenge. I only read 49 books in 2016; but that’s still ALMOST one a week. Not my usual, but it was a year, working my day job as one person doing my job and the vacant position’s job. A death in the family, a move…

I set a goal to read 75 books for 2017!

Here is a look at years past:


You can totally see when life got busy. I am hoping to read on average more than one book a week in 2017. On that note, I’m headed to bed to read for a bit.


And it’s 2017!