And so it continues

6 weeks ago [give or take a few days] I wrote a post about my TV that died and after two repair appointments I got a new TV. The first time he “fixed” it, he ended up causing some damage and a black spot showed up. The TV was replaced, and it worked fine, for the time being.

On Saturday my Dad and Step Mom Deb were in the area, and had a shelf my Dad built for me. I had showed him a picture on Pinterest and he said he could do it.  He just needed the measurements. Life got away from us, he wintered in Texas; but he was bringing it up! I had checked it out in his garage a week previously, but it wouldn’t fit in my car!

I just love it!  It’s rustic but functional. I’m sure I’ll move a few things around! And yes, that’s two Scentsy warmers on there.

I realize there’s some cord control that needs to be done – but until the TV is repaired, I’ll leave it as is. I also realize that I do not have a photo of my Grandma Joyce – it’s ready for a frame, the frame is not here yet [but will be on Tuesday]
After they left I moved out the bookshelf I was using under my TV and swapped it out. Ironically Pops asked me if the TV was working, I explained it all and it was. Then I go to turn it back on and finish catching up on the shows on my DVR, and the damn TV doesn’t power on.

This particular model of Vizio [D48-40] is known for power issues. Eight days, eight freaking days is how long the new TV worked. I called Vizio, and same thing again 5-7 business days before the repair guy will call – his name is John, he’s from Peoria… so then I have to take 4 hours off during the week to meet up with him. I’ve taken a full freaking day to do this so far. So once again, the old trusty 8 year old RCA from the bedroom is in the living room – it actually fits on my fireplace. it’s not the most convenient but it works.

I’m trying to catch up on The Voice; I had 8 episodes on my DVR, but I’m slowly getting through them. I’m just, once again, not into it this season… probably because I haven’t kept up.

I need to crawl in bed; but I haven’t read a book in a few days. I am still kind of on book hangover and can’t settle on a book to read. I try to read one business related book and a fiction book too, but I’m just stuck for both. You’d think with Good Reads and everything I have loaded from Kindle Unlimited and just what I have on the Kindle that has yet to be read, I’m just kind of stuck.

I tried to read a book by one of my favorite authors; Heather Gundekauf (who’s from Iowa, and I will be seeing in June!) but the book starts out a bit of a thriller and I just can’t read it yet. I need to wait for a weekend, so I can sit on the balcony and dive in, not when it’s night and I’m trying to sleep.

Another week ahead, already May.

I have a vacation day on Tuesday. Meeting one of the girls on my Scentsy team for lunch, and running a crap ton of errands, and I’m going to get my cherry tomato plants in the planter. Pretty pumped for an “edge of the city balcony garden”. I have to replace my turn signal light, and head to Target, but I might get that done tomorrow after work.  I’d love to get a pedicure somewhere in this madness, but maybe over the weekend?

Okay, enough rambling, singing off!


And so it continues

What am I getting myself into?

At our yearly conference for Scentsy; known as Scentsy Family Reunion, they have a 5k. I participated in the one in Vegas. They shut down half of the Strip and we did it at night – it was so much fun. We walked it. I’m not a runner.

I don’t think I did the one in St. Louis; as I didn’t know anyone doing it, and I signed up for the one in Nashville last year but it was like 98 degrees with 98% humidity. This I’m used to, but it was early and I decided that I got a shirt I wasn’t going to die on vacation!

I signed up again this year, so did Meagan. She and I are sharing a room and I’m  pumped. But I saw tonight that she started running. She ran Cross Country in high school, and she’s getting married in the fall, so it was a little of both, prep for the SFR Homerun 5k, and the wedding.

Being 100% honest with myself, I commented on her post about it that I would be walking (or skipping – as in, not doing it, not the fancy footwork skipping) and she’d be running. She, as always commented back with something positive about there being a lot of apps out there. Seriously, this is what’s great about Scentsy, even if it’s not Scentsy related, my Scentsy Family are some of my biggest cheerleaders.  That said, I  think I’m going to make a promise to myself, even starting tomorrow that I will walk for 30-45 minutes each night after work. I can download the Bobby Bones Show podcast on my phone and listen while I’m walking, and it’ll get me prepped to do this 5k. I really want to be a runner; which is weird, because health and Jess Parizek are not something you find in the same sentence, but I think this try to be a bit healthier kick is kinda starting to click in my head.

If I come home, and change right away, then get it out of the way, I’ll be good. I’m not at all a morning person, but it would be nice to be able to it in the morning then come in and shower and get ready for work, but I don’t see that happening, at all.

My lists, I got one thing done, ONE. I guess that’s better than none. This weekend, Adam has his daughter, and I only have plans on Sunday, but not all day, so I think I should be able to tackle a lot of this list.

I said it. I am going to try to walk at least 3 times a week. Ideally I’d like to do it every weeknight or hell get in the habit of it everyday, but realistic Jess is going to start small. If I can only do 30 minutes, that’s 30 more than I was going to before.

I am honestly going to take my butt to bed. I read a book that kinda put me in book hangover mode, so I need to pick a new one for tonight.


What am I getting myself into?

WordPress Theme Search and To Do Lists

At one point; I kinda understood technology, like in high school and just into college. I am not afraid to admit that it’s over my head now.  I really want to doctor up this website a bit. And by a bit, I mean a lot.  I love the font I have at the top; probably explains why I used it for branding my Scentsy business.

I just need some direction with WordPress in general. Maybe I should look into buying a “WordPress for Dummies” type book; there are quite a few options for Kindle; and a handful even on Kindle Unlimited!  If you happen to know of any designers who you might suggest; I’d love to hear.

Are you a list maker? I am. It’s no secret my Life Planner is my best buddy; but I keep lists in there; or anywhere really. The Target Dollar Spot is one of my favorite places to hit up so I can find cute notepads. I usually stick ’em to the dashboard in my planner, but you know… when you find a good note pad, you just gotta have it!

My to do list is growing, but I don’t seem to be making much progress with it. I’m not sure if I need to list smaller tasks so I can cross them off [greatest feeling ever!] or if I just need to turn off the world; including Facebook and other distractions, and put my phone in airplane mode or something; but I think I’m still trying to tackle too much at once and have too high of expectations.

So I get sat down at my desk, turn on the Bobby Bones Show podcast, and do something, for hours. If it’s rearranging or organizing. I literally need to be like “okay for this 20 minutes you are doing X” and do it. I have this same problem at the day job… I’ve never really been diagnosed or even self diagnosed with ADD; but perhaps that’s my issue? I don’t feel like I’d be a great reader if that was the case?  Ahh, well, back at it.


WordPress Theme Search and To Do Lists

Monday Grind

Monday, already! I don’t even know how long it’s been since I wrote last, but I’m sure there has been a lot and nothing all at once going on.

On Saturday I hosted an almost all-day Scentsy training at my place. It was all done via live-stream videos, a few of my team members came and watched. It was very nice. It’s great to listen to a training piece, then talk about it and brainstorm. Plus, it’s just always fun to connect with the team. I had made some breakfast casserole, and taco dip so we snacked a bit!

I had asked Adam a week or two ago about using my Smart TV to broadcast it vs my laptop or desktop monitors; he said it would be easy. Well, my Smart TV doesn’t have a “browser” you just access apps, so it wasn’t going  to work.

What’s a girl to do at 11:30 PM; not even 12 hours prior to people being at her house, she results to YouTube. A friend from Utah, helped confirm that I just needed the HDMI cable to go from my TV to my laptop, and wallah! I was pretty dang proud of myself.

I didn’t have much planned yesterday, I had to drop something off with a friend so I ended up visiting with her for a few hours. I took a really late (for me) nap about 4:30  and somehow wasted the rest of Sunday evening away doing stuff around the condo and in my office.

I have dubbed this week a hunker down at home and get stuff done week; which really isn’t much different than other weeks, but I am going to find a way to get off Facebook (unless for business purposes) for a few hours each night and tackle my list of things that just get moved from one week to the next in my planner.

I think I want to get a planter or a few pots at least and have a couple cherry / grape tomato plants on my balcony; at least give it a go this summer! A lot of friends on Facebook have been very helpful, so now I’m going to just get that planned out and then when I get paid next week, I’ll get the stuff and be good to go.  Can’t hurt to try right?

If follow me on Pinterest then you might see me pinning a bunch of garden things! Starting small I’m not sure I have a green thumb; but it’s worth a shot!

Signing off, I think this week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it. Well, if it’s going as great as my Monday is so far; but we’re only a few hours in, but hey… it’s still good!


Monday Grind


If you were to look at my Facebook you might not realize that sometimes life is just crummy. Maybe you would, but I try to keep it somewhat positive and uplifting. You might think I’m hard on myself by calling myself chunky and thick; but let’s get real, I am chunky and thick. I mean, a 252 pound chick is by no means skinny? But I don’t think that’s negative.  But let’s get real here… here, not everyone reads, where my business isn’t in the spotlight, it’s not always sunshine and roses.

Admittedly my mood is pretty freaking shitty. I’m not sleeping well, the neurologist doesn’t want to do much about it. It’s a pretty vicious cycle, don’t sleep well so you drink more Pepsi, and shovel more sugar in your mouth because for the time being it peps you up and then you are a little more thicker.  I sleep the best when I have Ambien; but they won’t prescribe it.  And Jess who’s getting only 4ish hours of sleep, whose pants are tight is bound to be bitchy (bitchier?).

I’d like to go on a vacation to the condo in Siesta Key; hang out in the pool on the floaty; and then read on the deck and drink a strawberry daiquiri (like the ones made at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville)  my checking account says I need to work overtime and cereal but… such is life.

And mine pretty much seems to be falling apart.   My Scentsy business is struggling a bit; but I feel like I already overshare. I just paid off my car, but it needs some repairs; like $1000 worth. A friend’s husband said he thinks he can do it for cheaper; which would be awesome, but when will I be able to afford this?   I feel like most of my friends have kind of just ditched me, they are too busy with their own lives, and that’s fine, it’s what happens.  I’m busy too, but I’d make time.  Sometimes I wish they would but is it awkward if I reach out and say “hey… haven’t heard from you in two years, but girls from my graduating class who were snots communicate with me more on Facebook than you do, wanna grab dinner sometime soon?”

It’s not my intention to be a downer here, but just real, and sometimes real isn’t so pretty. I know that this season isn’t going to last forever, and I have some amazing people in my life, I just need to roll with it. I need to get off my ass and go on a walk. I can listen to the Bobby Bones podcast as I walk. I’d be content with Cherrios for supper, or scrambled eggs, or something simple and easy. I need to take care of me. There’s only one of me, I only get one shot at this, and who knows how long. But I’m also not going to east nasty shit like kale.

I have GOT to read the Dave Ramsey book. As in I must. And then I have got to force myself to do this, because, I need to figure out how to be a responsible adult, and well, I need some help in adulting.  Anyone have any good figure out your finances, books you’d suggest?

I’ve never really understood when people said weather affected people and they complained about winter and the sun and all that, but I think I get it. I didn’t tan all winter.  Don’t bother telling me this is bad for me, because I already know, but so is getting burnt and as pale as I am it’s good to get a little base and trust me, it takes a while for me… and I don’t smoke, and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve drank in a year (365 days) so don’t lecture me. If you want to, just stop reading right now.  But really I think I need to go tan.

9pm and I’m kind of tired; here’s hoping this means a night of sleep!  I’m going to sign off and head to bed.



Thoughts on becoming a leader with Scentsy

When I first joined Scentsy I never thought I’d still be doing it nearly 6 years later. Nor did I ever expect to build a team. While technically I am not a Director, yet. I still have a team. There are 5 people under me; in my downline.

It’s been a ride; that’s for sure. The person who sponsored me, didn’t stick around long, so I “rolled up” meaning I fell under another person. It wasn’t long and I rolled up again. Thankfully this time was the SuperStar Director; Amy of our overall group. It was reassuring. I was in good hands as far as a leader to look up to.  I’ve learned a lot from Amy.

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself in to with having a team / downline. It’s been interesting. Not everyone is as self-motivated as I am to seek out training online, books, or participate in the monthly training offered by our large group.  I’ve had two random strangers join my team and cancel in the three month period for no sales. I’ve also sponsored some rock stars, and some that just do it for the discount [essentially their commission on their orders].  I need to find a balance, and set the tone for my team; but I didn’t start off so great.

At first I was able to respond to the texts and FB messages immediately, but work has picked up so much since then. At times I’d get texts in the middle of the night – like 2 / 3 AM wondering why I didn’t answer the FB message. Uh, I’m sleeping? That sounds incredibly bitchy. I try to get back to them in 24 hours, but I need to set a new precedence. There is no such thing as a Scentsy Emergency. [best quote from a mentor yet!] I’m honestly, just going to wait to reply until I’m home from work. I will teach them to fish, but I’m not going to feed them. I’ll show them the tools, they need to utilize them.

The thing I have to remind myself, over and over, is that they are Independent Scentsy Consultants. Not “Jess hand feeds you” Scentsy Consultants.  But they won’t get anywhere with me providing all the answers.  Between my group for my frontline, and the overall big group; they have two sources to ask questions. They have a great “back office” that they can search and find answers in… I just need to realize that sometimes I need to let them struggle. We don’t get where we are, in life, in our day job, in a relationship without some struggle.

I contemplated even writing about it, but I needed to get it out of my brain, through  my fingertips and here.

Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself, and for me, that’s me admitting that I might not be the best leader, but I want to be, so I’m working on it.

Scentsy has been an incredible blessing. I’m glad to be on this ride.


Thoughts on becoming a leader with Scentsy

Finally Friday

This week has flown by! I feel like I’m very caught up at the day job – which is pretty much unheard of. It makes me nervous though; when will the chaos pick back up?

I took yesterday afternoon off as the repair guy was coming to fix my TV. I was excited he was early. Late is a huge pet peeve of mine. He was in and out in about 45 minutes, at first it didn’t work, so I was skeptical, then he got it working. I didn’t have high hopes for him as he was a bit snarky, and told me my candle was going to burn down my house… Hah! There’s more of a chance of my TV causing a house fire than that Sccentsy warmer; sorry dude! He got it repaired after some more unnecessary commentary about my “crappy cable”; dude you’re from Peoria, Illinois; I couldn’t get South Slope in Coralville 5 miles away, you don’t know a think about it 2 hours away.  In the end, he got it fixed. I thought all was good. I was happy to have a working T. I continued to enjoy the afternoon off and got a lot of Scentsy work done.

I decided about 8:30 to watch Grey’s Anatomy; I noticed a little spot in the top middle. I had the windows open, so it must have been a bug. Wrong.








I spent a good two hours on the phone with Vizio, and getting nowhere. They were going to send a replacement it would be 7-10 business days; it’s already been 3 weeks for this repair. Then they tell me it’ll be a re-certified TV. No. I wanted a new one, this wasn’t even a year old, was fixed and damaged in the process.  I was told to call back today and speak with a next level supervisor.  I had also commented on Vizio’s Facebook page about how unsatisfied I was with their customer service; one guy was a complete jerk.

I finally crawled in bed and finished a book I was reading, and drifted off.  On the bus in today from the parking lot, I had a comment from Vizio asking for my case number and at 9:30 I received a call. Their customer service is less than to be desired, I was shocked to have gotten this call. The guy was very level headed, and I’m getting a new TV. I reminded them I want the 1 year warranty to begin with the placement of this TV; and I will.   This is their last chance. I’m not sure I’ll buy Vizio again. I’d rank their customer service up there with Walmart, and outside of a trip for work, I’ve been in there once, because Adam basically made me. Otherwise I’m boycotting Walmart.

It’s Friday, the sun is shining.
Cody is opening again for Josh Thompson, here in Iowa City at the First Avenue Club. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. I have no real plans other than that. Kind of hoping Adam will help getting the new Scentsy vinyl on my back window, but we’ll see how it all plays out.


Finally Friday