Monday-like Tuesday

Long weekends, are great don’t get me wrong,  but coming into work on a Tuesday after a three day weekend is like a mega-Monday. Especially when you work at a hospital; it never closes.  Emails still roll in, orders still come in. I mean, I do spend money for a living, so people still send me requests of what they need to order.

I was on my way into work today and I got a phone call, but due to the stretch of interstate I drive, I try to avoid answering my phone; and I’m even trying to be better about not texting [or looking at texts, even] so I listened to the voicemail while waiting for the bus to my office from the parking lot. It was my doctor’s office. The labs looked fine, nothing of any concern.

Whew!  This whole not knowing my family history had me a bit nervous and of course the weight gain lately… well, not exactly lately, but in the last 8ish years I’d say I’ve put on 65 pounds give or take.

The doctor ended the voicemail with some people just have a little extra cushioning. I appreciate that no one is concerned with my weight gain; I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s not anything to be worried / concerned about, but at the same time I want to scream and yell because hello; I have a BMI of 40.5; which puts me in “extremely obese” and I feel like the BMI scale is a little skewed;  but on the flip side of things, my doctors, all of them have never worried about my weight…

I suppose if my labs are all fine, then I should just trust them and go with it; and try to lose the weight on my own versus blaming something medically. And ideally I don’t want it to be anything medically; it just seems easier to blame it on something than putting in the work to lose the weight.

Okay… on with the rest of the day.


Monday-like Tuesday

A list of “adult things” to do before 35

In six months [well, from yesterday], I will be 35. I have kind of had this running list of things I need to get done to kind of make me a but more “adult”.  The list includes:

  • Get a new primary care physician and get a physical.
  • Get a copy of my adoption paperwork; to keep in my fire safe.
  • Get a passport
  • Prepare a will and some sort of advanced directive

I realize some of these are small; some not so much. My family doctor, who was awesome, is phasing out into retirement. I found a new one, closer to me than my hometown and actually had my appointment today. I haven’t had a physical since my senior year before I went to college.  I have a gynecologist, where I have regular appointments.  I just kind of wanted a baseline.

I was extremely pleased! She was very much on board with “preventative measures” since I do not know my family medical history due to being adopted, and that I’m almost 35, and while there are not many screenings that are exactly necessary, but things we can kind of just be aware of and maybe do a bit early if we feel the need. I really like her.

I have to go tomorrow for some lab work, but other than that, everything is good. She prescribed something to hopefully help with sleep! Hooray. Happy that she’s willing to work with me.

I really want a copy of my adoption paperwork; I know if [big if] I were to someday get married, I would need it. I also just want it. I am a realist when it comes to everything, so I know that my parents are not going to be around forever, so if I need one or both of them to help me in attaining that piece(s) of paperwork, then I’d rather do it now.

I have never traveled out of the country, other than Puerto Vallarta and Cancun – when we did not need a passport for traveling there. I know they last 10 years, but I feel like I probably need to get one. It’s not a MUST have but it’s on the list of things to check off.

With having dealt with the death of 4 grandparents in such a short time, it has really opened my eyes to the fact that I need a will and advance directive. I have great life insurance through work, but I have to again, be the realist that I am, knowing that you never know when you’re going to wake up dead… or be in a situation where you cannot make your medical choices.  I just need to find someone who will help me with this, probably the family lawyer my dad has used for all the years I’ve known.

I just feel like having a few of these things in place would be a big relief not just to me, but for family or close friends, should something happen.

I hope I live a long healthy life, and do not have to have to make my family and friends utilize this things for a long long time!

My appointment was at 1:45 this afternoon and after I ran a few errands, and made an early dinner, about 5:15 I was just beat. I worked a night meeting Tuesday night and didn’t’ get home til about 10… long day, especially to turn around and be back in the office at 8:30.  I set my alarm for 6:45, planning to nap for no more than an hour and a half, and I did just that. I actually woke up a bit before the alarm. And I’m finding myself yawning now. I think I’m going to turn off the computer, and head into bed and figure out which book I’m going to read next and call it a night.


A list of “adult things” to do before 35

Now that my TV is fixed; though I’m guessing it lasts a month or less… and I’ll go straight to corporate! I’m not dealing with the repair guy ever again. He’s a jerk, and I’ll leave it at that. I reported the behavior to Vizio Corporate.

I’m currently plopped on my couch [well, really it’s a love seat] catching up on a months worth of The Voice, and planning out some social media posts for my VIP Group Wickless Jess VIP and my business page Wickless Jess using a really cool tool called Cinch Share. I usually sit down on Sundays and plan a week or two at a time.

I’ve got laundry in the dryer begging to be folded; that’ll be sitting on my chair for who knows how long… probably until it’s all worn, someone comes over or I finally put it away.

I’ve been fighting some spring allergies. Although, strangely they are more in my throat / more of a cough this time, so my voice is a bit hoarse in the morning, the phlegm is nasty.

This upcoming week is going to be crazy!  I have a meeting Tuesday night; which pretty much throws the whole week off. I have to go in late, because I don’t usually leave til 8:30 / 9ish. I stupidly made a doctor’s appointment at 1:55 on Wednesday, I have to leave about 12:45…  parking at work is just downright stupid.

So, instead of going in late on Wednesday like I normally do, I’m flip flopping the time I have to take ‘off’; so I’m going to turn around and be back to work at normal time.

I am switching my family doctor; this is a hard thing to do. I saw Dr. Palmer as a kid, when he retired we switched to Dr. Hanna who took over; she’s phasing out as she’s on the verge of retirement. I really really love her as a doctor, she’s got a great heart. She’s in my hometown, and it’s silly to drive back there for an appointment, especially when her office hours are so impossible to get in as she’s phasing out. Twice I have asked Facebook [they know everything, you know] for suggestions and one doctor’s name came up quite a bit. It’s a woman, and I feel like that’s what I would prefer! I requested an appointment online maybe a week and a half ago, and I have an appointment already!

The nurse I spoke with, I explained the situation; that I was adopted, do not know my family history,  but am 34, and want to get a baseline of kind of everything so if things were to go wrong, we are being preventative. The nurse was incredibly awesome. She even said “every mom wants a daughter like you, a kid in charge of their health and staying on top of things”. The way I look at it, I don’t want something bad to happen and know I could have prevented it, or taken care of it simply.  I’m also kinda sorta hoping this doctor will be a little more kind with helping with my sleep issues.

While I do not want to think I might have sleep apnea; I’m hoping perhaps she might send me for another sleep study; and if she doesn’t then the Neurology appointment I have in October I will demand one. Because I’ve woken myself up snoring again. Sure, it could be the allergies again… but, I feel like having had one 8 years and 75 pounds ago, it is time to have it redone.

Rambled enough. I think it’s time to make some hot dogs and get some shit done.


Just your typical Jess on Ambien philosophical post

I’m copying and pasting this directly from Facebook; it garnered a lot of very kind genuine comments.  I truly mean it, and I love it. When I get time I’m going to add the comments that people have left, because they were great to wake up to.

It’s a bit late; I’ve had some sleeping pills so here comes serious Jess:

On Mothers Day I always wonder if she thinks of me. If she knows when she handed me over to one helluva great family. And then to worry about it for nearly 7 months before they’d sign paperwork and it would all be legal, forever not hers, but theirs.

The thing about that is, where does it leave me? The girl who grew under the heart and in a uterus / tummy of a lady whom if I met it was beifly for the first few days of life. To be handed to the forever family on day I was able to be discharged and go home with.

My heart kind of breaks for her. I am her daughter, too. I made her a mother, I want to thank her. She was strong and brave in ways most mothers don’t have to be. I do not know her. I kinda sorta want to know her. Being an adoptee is an incredible blessing. But part of it’s a little lonely too. I’m proud to be an adoptee, but there are a lot of unknowns with that. It’s a little scary, especially when it comes to the medical world. I just wish my biological family well. I hope they don’t struggle on days like today.


Just your typical Jess on Ambien philosophical post


At the start of the year I decided I needed to better keep track of my finances. I’m not even sure I have a checkbook register. I have like 3 books of checks in various places and write from each of them. I write maybe 2 or 3 checks a month. My rent check and the occasional bill I cannot pay online (especially if it costs more to pay online than the stamp!)

A few weeks ago I decided that I really was going to read the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover book. I knew I had the book; yup, times 3. I have a hardbound book, I have it in Kindle edition and in Nook edition. I must have REALLY thought I was REALLY going to do this! Or I must have forgotten I bought it, twice!

Some of it seems easy, some of it seems a bit hard. I really want to do the Financial Peace University; but I don’t want the church stuff.  I just don’t think that learning about money and getting out of debt should be tied with God / the bible. I don’t feel like the two should mix; just my two cents.

It’s already 9pm; another weekend that flew by. I really need to stop messing around on Facebook, and get stuff done…

Who’s done the Dave Ramsey thing? I’m asking as if anyone is reading this, hah!




Recently I’ve had some friends who I just stopped hearing from.

One I’ve not heard from since August. Nothing on Facebook, no text, no phone call (I rarely had calls from this friend, but still). We will call this person B.

Another I’ve not heard from for a few months and reached out for payment on Scentsy. They were upset that I sent an invoice, we will call this person N. I needed the remaining payment from February. They were upset that their first name was shown in my planner of money owed – which I have a carry over each month of a running list of “money owed”. I do this because my planner is with me almost always vs a note on my desk at home.

I sent N a note on FB Messenger that I had the invoice to them and they said “I just stopped talking to them”. Well, in this time, they know that 1) we were moving into the new hospital, so I was working more than my normal hours at work, and 2) my grandpa died.

I explained how I was disheartened to see that not one single friend, outside of Shawn and the friends who work with me / my family sent their condolences for Grandpa Marty.

Maybe it’s wrong on my part; that I feel a little hurt that they could reach out too, or that I shouldn’t have to be the one to send a text, stop over, or call, post on my FB wall. But I think it says a lot that in nearly 10 months one hasn’t said boo to me, and it took me sending a FB message about money owed for Scentsy to get something out of the other to “hear’ from them.   Perhaps I need to reevaluate, but is that a friendship? Am I doing something wrong?

I oftentimes do what I think is kind things, stop over with a small, thoughtful gift for birthdays, or a just because gift for a kiddo, or visit someone in the hospital, send a card for a loss of a family member, offer my condolences in person if I am able at a visitation. I like to think I have a big heart and am a good friend. I try my best to help out if I can when I am able. But maybe I’m not?

But I don’t think I should have to be the one to start everything, I shouldn’t have to be the one to call, always, if you want to find out whats up with me, text me, send me a message on FB.  I mean, yes, I can be a real bitch, but I also give a lot of second chances. Relationships of any kind are not one-sided, both parties should have to put forth some effort, I do not think I am wrong at wanting at the friend(s) to try a little.

Yes, life gets a little busy, mine is too. But is it really that busy to just say “Hey I don’t need anything, we haven’t talked in a while, I’m just heading into my office, but wanted to say hey”    It doesn’t need a reply, no action is necessary, it’s simple.

I always joke about removing my birthday from Facebook; how many will remember (or even know when it is) if Facebook wouldn’t tell them? Probably like 3. Your mom, dad and siblings… if that.

Yes, I’ve kept to myself a lot lately. It’s cheap, almost free. I’m really attempting to stick to my budget – which I don’t exactly have one, but I need to read Dave Ramsey’s book and make one other than a list of my bills. i just don’t do the whole church thing for Financial Peace University… If I could do his system sans church, I’d be in!  Yoga pants and a comfy hoodie and my kind of good time. EVERYTHING costs money. I’m tempted to eat when I’m out, when I’m home, I’ll find something to eat. It’s amazing how much money you don’t spend when you go through your cupboards and whip up something. No matter how much you want Taco Bell. I mean, I really want Taco Bell. Or steak.

But… honestly, is a friendship really a friendship if you have to do all the work? And if so, what is the point? To me that says someone is using you, even if they don’t know they are. Do they claim you as a friend if they haven’t talked to you / been in touch with you in 10 months? Let’s taco bout it?



Saturday Scentsy

This week flew by.  I think I’m in the majority when I say Sunday nights suck. Monday mornings a horrible. But the week came and went so incredibly fast. I felt like I got a handful of things accomplished at the day job – which I can’t usually say that. I left my office feeling pretty good about the week. I’m not even dreading going back in on Monday. I’m not sure if it’s because things are finally starting to get into a groove with the new building and we are winding down the fiscal year? Perhaps. I’m just gonna roll with it.

A typical day in the life of Jess:

I very much like my sleep… and mornings are hard for me; I feel like I have just gotten to the best part of sleep.

I sleep til the last possible minute, get up, shower, and do very little in regards to looking like a lady. Read, I throw my hair up in a messy bunish thing, zero make up, and I’m out the door. Yes, I do have to wear business casual clothes to work, but I own about 6 pairs of the same brand / style / cut black pants and probably 10 dress shirts so they rotate. I leave my condo about 7:20 when it’s not wintering out, and get to my desk by 8:20. My workday is 8:30-5, the chances of me working just those hours is slim.

I try to stick to that, but not always the case. If I do, I’m usually home by 6.  I have to park at a lot that requires a 15 minute walk in or a 7-10 minute bus ride from the parking lot. I generally opt for the bus ride… I’m chunky, exercise in the morning doesn’t seem fun, nor does sweating just after a shower.

I usually get home and make something quick and easy for dinner; and come into my office. I often watch some  YouTube training that I subscribe to, or a monthly training put on by my group. Almost daily I can count on this!

I spend the time working on entering orders, closing out a party, following up with customers, scheduling posts [I use a paid service where I go in and write a post for the day / time for both my business page and soon to be revamped VIP Group], sorting out and packing orders, inventory, replying to messages / emails, planning, event prep, really there’s quite a bit. Sometimes I do get lost in Facebook  and Pinterest when I was looking for just one thing and all the sudden it’s been a half hour.

I might be messaging my Scentsy friends / teammates to share ideas, or check in with them,

Last night was a little different. Meagan and I hopped on Zoom (if you don’t have the app or haven’t downloaded it, it’s pretty awesome) for 1:1 it’s no time limit. If you are doing any more people then you can do 40 minutes at a time (up to 50 people) but you can come back with the same call number. BUT free is the way to go. It’s so handy.

Meagan and I hopped on it last night to try it out, and I really thought we were going to be on for 20 minutes, but it was 2 hours. It was such a great brain storm / brain dump and share. She and I are sharing a room in Kansas City and we’re both planners by nature, so we’re just getting ready for our next promotion and the fall.




Saturday Scentsy