Sometimes things just don’t work out…

My Mom really wants to go to Siesta Key  this winter and has January in mind. It seems great, but end of January / first weekend in February is a rough time because there is a Scentsy event that’s a mini-convention. I’ve never missed one, and I’m not sure I want to. Of course dates / locations will not be announced until November so that kinda puts a damper on things.  But it wouldn’t be the first family vacation I missed out on; and it probably won’t be the last one.

In other news, tonight is the start of new TV. Two months ago I cancelled my cable. For a month I did nothing but had this antenna; it was supposed to be great. I only get like 4 channels, and I’m not a fan of Home Shopping Network.

I also gave in and got DirecTV Now that came with a Roku; it is nice, mostly.

Yesterday Adam didn’t come over BECAUSE I don’t have CBS. I even “subscribed” to it, and it wouldn’t load. Tonight… no NBC on the damn antenna. I even tried to see if I could like sign up for Sling or something; nothing. I gave in, I’m getting cable back.

You might think it’s lame, but guess what… I miss Ellen. You cannot watch that ANYWHERE other than if you watch in real time or DVR it.

I sent an email to the local cable company and said “look I canceled, and it was a mistake. I’m only going to get it on one TV cuz I rarely watch TV in my room; and it’ll save some money.

You try things sometimes and they work out; other times they do not.  I pretty much just want to see Adam before football is over in February.   I gave it a go; and it didn’t work out.  I need some TV / DVR in my life, because I don’t like having to wait a day or even a week to watch a show.


Sometimes things just don’t work out…

Knee Crunching and Cleaning.

I woke up Thursday morning and noticed my left knee was swollen, and a bit stiff. I took a shower and didn’t think much of it. As the day went on it was a bit more sore and stiff.

Last night I iced, elevated and was taking some Advil. No real change. I noticed when I moved it, there was this horrible crunching sound. It just doesn’t sound right. I cringe when I hear it.  If you google this, it tells me it’s crepitus; which way back in the day of the high school go-kart accident ordeal, I was told that I would likely develop this. But we shall see.

I decided I better call the doctor and speak with someone a nurse or MA to see if they thought it was just “getting older noises” or something that I need to be seen for. Of course they said I need to come in, since I’ve been doing the ice / elevation / rest / Advil and nothing is changing for the better.

My coworker has a standing appointment every Monday afternoon so I had to take the Tuesday appointment. I kinda hate waiting that long, but no real other choice since it’s Friday afternoon.

No plans for the weekend. I was hoping to get my wire shelf moved to the garage, but I feel like I need to not do anything to strenuous because of the knee; so perhaps I’ll purge / clean / organize the kitchen.

I really wish I could tell  you what is bringing on this need to purge and reorganize; but I do not know. I listened to the audiobook of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but it did nothing for me. In fact the audiobook is so horrible I’m surprised I didn’t drive my car off a cliff. [I wouldn’t do this intentionally but the audio is HORRIBLE] but it didn’t make me need to have he urge to “spark joy”.  I just realize I have a lot of space in my kitchen and it’s all cramped. It needs some love.

Happy Friday, this next two hours needs to fly!





Knee Crunching and Cleaning.

Simple, ahead!

A few weeks ago I posted photos of the office purge / redo. I wasn’t done. I was still feeling cluttered; so I got rid of two large pieces of furniture.

Next I purged he master bathroom.   I intend on doing my bedroom closets eventually but with purging / reorganizing comes a huge mess, and I’m still working on that. It always looks better when everything is to Goodwill, the dumpster, or the garage, but for now I’ve still got a little mess. The kitchen will be after that. It’s a process though, and sometimes a girl just needs a night of nothingness!

For my Scentsy business; I’ve gone with the route of simple, and systematic. I feel like that’s carrying over into my everyday life as well. And it’s a great thing!

Creating systems, so I’m not spending 3 hours reinventing the wheel every time is most helpful. I never realized just how good having them in place feels, productivity wise. The consistency is awesome, and the simpleness of some marketing materials and such is great.

In other random news.  I intentionally plan out a night of “me time” where I disconnect from social media / technology [yeah right!] and I picked Wednesdays, but I have tonight free, and plan on hunkering down on some work. Maybe next week!

Now, I need to find someone to help me with a theme / layout for this blog. I’ts very blah, it’s free [I do not mind paying for it!] and has no rhyme or reason. I need simple and consistent!  I have a bit of an idea in mind, so if you know of anyone / anyplace that designs things things, send ’em my way,  please and thanks!

And that folks, is your dose of random everyday Jess.



Simple, ahead!

10 Years Seizure Free


10 years ago today [Sunday 9/10] I signed papers on a new-to-me car. I had to go to work, and hadn’t really driven it, other than half a mile home from the dealership, then to work and home that day, 3 miles max.

On 9/11 I pulled out of my driveway and headed to Iowa City to grab some new wiper blades. I’m a Rain-X girl; I had called the best friend, Shawn, in Nashville and woke up off and on in an ambulance.  According to Shawn she said my line went silent, she heard the phone drop, and then eventually hung up when I wasn’t answering. She thought the call just dropped. What happened was, I turned right, then drove a few miles on Highway 6 in West Liberty out of town towards Iowa City and ended up on the other side of the road on top of a fiber optic box.

The great people of WL came to my rescue in both as a passing car – Denny Wachs who managed to find and save my glasses, and call my parents, and the WL Fire & Rescue who are a great group of volunteer EMT / Firemen who took me to the ER.  I’m told at one point I was in and out of awareness and Dave who’s last name I cannot remember; asked me “Jess do you know where you are” and I apparently replied in typical fashion “I’m in a fucking ambulance I must have had a seizure” I don’t remember but apparently they were all laughing and agreed “Yup, she’s good”

A state trooped showed up in the ER room and took my license on the spot, long story short, he was the brother of a good friend who passed in 2003, and ironically my first reported seizure was the night of his funeral).

I had to stay overnight at the hospital, I mostly slept, a lot. I came home and slept for at least a full day, my dog rarely left my side.  My car had a punctured radiator, and had a few thousand dollars of damage to be repaired after I had signed paperwork less than 24 hours before.  I had some time to repair it, and it sat in a shed at my uncle’s farm.

My meds did not change the day of the seizure in fact the ER doc was kind of a dickhead. He thought my meds were working just fine. Yes, that’s why I had a grand mal. Working great.  It wasn’t until almost 6 weeks later I had a visit with my neurologist who switched my meds, to what I’m on now. 400 mg generic Zonegran and 50 mg of Topamax.  My dosage has changed a bit, currently taking 500 mg generic Zonegran and 50 mg of generic Topamax.

Previously it was just 500 mg of Topamax – at this time it was only name brand, since then the generic has become available.

This concoction is working well for me. My seizures are caused by stress and lack of sleep. In this time I’ve been at the day job for 9 1/2 years with a bit more normal sleep / work schedule vs managing the bar and grill my parents own with hours from 9 am – 9 pm.

Double digits, this is incredibly crazy, but it’s working. As long as I am on anti-epileptic meds I will have to fill out medical paperwork for the DOT – which I’m on a 2-year rotation so I only have to do it when I renew my DL.  I always toy with asking “can I get off the meds” then I get really tired and a tiny headache happens and I realize that you know, for the low cost of my meds monthly and the pain in the ass that it is to do the DOT paperwork and all that, it beats the hell out of a seizure and having to depend on others to drive me around.

I used to post each year about another year seizure free. I think from now on I’ll just let it go. Maybe at 15 I’ll bring something up.

I took the day off work to just do whatever I wanted. However, I’m running errands, chatting with my Scentsy mentor and will be sitting at the hospital with my great aunt, while watching Hurricane Irma coverage.  More on this later.  Perhaps I’ll do something for myself but honestly, I’m here, I’m able to drive, I’m healthy just chunky, and all is well.  I always say I’d rather be fat than have seizures.



10 Years Seizure Free

An office redo, again

This weekend; I had next to no plans. Just meeting Mom at 10 on Sunday to head to the local-ish outlet mall and do a little shopping.

I got this idea to once again, redo the office. A few weeks ago I had purged and reorganized. But I have this 6 foot wire shelving unit that I had a few things on and then two pull out storage drawers on the lowest shelf. I was tired of it. I was feeling crowded, like every wall had SOMETHING.  I needed some open wall space.  I once again went through and purged some stuff, moved things around and reorganized. I managed to get both the wire shelf and a rustic barn wood bookshelf out of the office.

It’s still in a bit if disarray, but one step closer.

This is what I’ve gotten removed and items on it have been stored elsewhere.

I haven’t decided if the 9 cube bookshelf thing I have coming this week from Target needs to go back and get an 8 cube one that’s only two high. Currently nothing is under the window

I really need something in front of this window…


I’ve got another 9-cube shelf on order to be here on Thursday but I’m thinking of returning it; and swapping for the 8-cube to go under the window on it’s side [2 high vs 4 high]; but then I was like maybe I should just leave it empty…   a less is more. Simplistic. Get some curtains and extend the rod so I can leave it open for the light to come in.

I would have to move the quote to the left of the window, but that’s not a big deal; and the board that’s to the right of the window could be moved over a bit or moved in general.

I’ve sold the barn wood bookshelf, and I need to get the wire shelf to my garage. I have two already in there, smaller, but they can be moved. I really don’t want to just get rid of them because they are great for storage, just not in my office anymore!

I’m still not sold on the set up but SIMPLICITY is best. And maybe I’m not sold on it yet because things are still kind of not quite in the right spot yet.


An office redo, again

It’s already September 1st!

This week has been crazy busy, but in a good way.  In the chaos of it all, I made a trip to WL to delivery Scentsy all around, and cooked dinner at home every night but that night; no brainer, I ate at my parents restaurant.

Last night I was up til almost 1 am watching the Month End Magic that is Scentsy. Our owners are insanely authentic in that they hop on FB Live and share their lives, cheer us on, maybe give a few hints at what’s to come in the new month ahead. I had an insanely great month. I was $164 shy of hitting a huge milestone for the month, one I never thought would happen in August!

My friend Jess, a fellow Scentsy Consultant, said it best; dealing with other peoples money is the not so great side of Scentsy. I had to wiggle around a few things due to a customer’s compromised credit card, and a few got in on the deal at the 11th hour so their checks will get to me.  It’s a weird thing for people to give you their credit card numbers,  and send you money. Sometimes it just makes me nervous.

I’m kind of kicking myself for not just ordering $164 more worth of product for events, but I wanted to go about it fairly, so I didn’t. It’s all customer sales. And for that, I’m pretty proud, but even better, my team rocked it. Watching the team numbers creep up was pretty amazing. I felt like a proud momma or something equivalent.

Today, I’m solo in the office. Back in January I had requested the day off, but others put theirs in and somehow mine was pushed to the wayside. Shit happens, and I’m saving a day of vacation.  It’s pretty quiet here, so very productive. Hindsight – it’s great. I’m taking the 11th off instead. More on that later.

I’ve managed to tackle a couple of huge things that I just needed a bit of quiet for.

Since the first is payday in my world, which happens only monthly; I had a few lists of things I wanted to purchase when the paycheck hit my account. I was able to snag that stuff. The store pick-up option at Target is an amazing thing; I can add things to my cart, and keep them in there, then order when able, then walk in and grab them and walk out. This is so much easier on my checkbook. I’m very guilty of walking every aisle and walk out with a few hundred less in the checking account and feel like I have nothing to show.

I also registered for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.  I’m not a church-goer, but I like the concept of his budgeting / saving. I’ve read the books, I just want the class for accountability and to actually start the process.

A long weekend ahead and the only plans I have are to get some groceries probably on Saturday, and head to the outlet mall with mom on Sunday.


It’s already September 1st!