Lazy weekend

This weekend has been incredibly lazy.

I noticed last Sunday [the 8th] that my air conditioning wasn’t working, so I emailed my landlord, she said she’d get them out to look at it, and of course, nothing all week. It’s been about 76 in my condo the whole week. MISERABLE! I emailed her again Friday after a few unanswered voice mails; and she said they’d be here Friday or Monday. They weren’t here Friday, so hopefully Monday. Saturday night into today it really cooled down and I had left my balcony sliding door open and it FINALLY cooled down to mid-60’s in here.

I’ve not left my condo this whole weekend, I have only read and slept. Three books done, and I’m about to start a 4th.

I didn’t get the memo from my family that my brother was running his half marathon today otherwise I would have gone to cheer him on. Of course by the time I saw the stuff on Facebook it was too late. This is typical of my family though.

The funds are a bit tight for the remainder of the month; so staying in and reading, doing nothing is kind of what it looks like the rest of the month will look like.   And maybe I’ll get around to reorganizing and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards that I’ve been needing to do. I just haven’t had the willpower to do so.

I really want some chocolate chip cookies, but my tried and true recipe [the one on the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chips] is too much for  just met, and for some reason everything I do they come out flat. I found a recipe on Pinterest that claims to be ‘fluffier’ and is a half recipe, so I might try that; it looks similar.   I need to find some new to me recipes or eat some crap from my cupboards so I’m 1) cleaning them out and 2) not blowing anymore money.

I really just need to do some meal planning and somewhat stick to it. I don’t do leftovers, cooking for one sucks.

In other rambly news; I’m back on Facebook, but I kept the notifications turned off on the phone and iPad. It’s kind of nice. I feel like I was a bit of a slave to them. I’d see a red number and feel like I had to check it right now.

I really need to get my cast iron skillet seasoned [although it says it comes seasoned] and start using it.  This post is all over the place, I think I’ll go park it in the recliner and read.


Lazy weekend

I did it!

I’ve had this DNA thing since March. For 7 months it has been on my desk. I read all of the paperwork, and signed the consent the first day I got it, then it just sat there.

Many asked why I hadn’t done it, and to be honest, I’m scared.

I do not know my biological parents, I do not know my medical history other than mine that has happened in the last almost 35 years. I know that spiting in this little vial could give me answers.

Do I want to know what “could” happen, do I want to know that I have a predisposition to get x, y, or z? I was scared.  What if I really do somehow connect with my blood relatives? Then what?

Shawn and I actually just talked about this last week.

What it took is that I heard national radio personality; Bobby Bones, talk about getting it and doing it.  As weird as it seems, if he could do it, I could. It’s up to me what I do with the answers that come, me. Just me.  Will I tell anyone when I get them? If anything I’ll share the results with my medical team.

I’m scared, yes. But I’m almost 35 and I need to start taking care of me; in all aspects, so I did it, and now we wait.  All because of spit in a vial. Classy.


As soon as I hit publish on this, I’m walking it down to the outgoing mail box, and it’s out of my hands; in all senses of the world.


I did it!


I once broke up with cable; at the end of July. I thought I’d save a whole bunch of money and everything but it didn’t. I caved and I’m getting it reinstalled today.

I got a nice antenna; but it didn’t get NBC, only ABC, not even CBS. I couldn’t watch Ellen – which is something I love, a lot. I couldn’t access shows for at least a week. I signed up for DirecTV Now and got a free Roku if I paid for 2 months, and it worked a little, but not for what I wanted.

I decided that I’ve changed my car insurance, my car is paid off, and I’m basically skimping in a lot of other places, that cable is one thing I don’t want to skimp on. I’ve given up my life, so I might as well enjoy what I can at home… with shows DVR’d

I never realized how I use TV as a way to relax, from work, from the Scentsy gig, until I didn’t have it as I liked it / knew it / wanted it. I know many are completely content without, but that’s not me.

My FB break is going well, the last two days when I’ve gotten up for work  I didn’t check FB right away.  I still have my page active, and I have gotten on to scroll through and see some things, but not commenting / posting / liking. Not accepting messages in messenger, or friend requests. It’s quite refreshing. I never knew how addicted to it I was.

I’m sure that I’m missing out on sales in the Scentsy world but honestly, sometimes a girl just needs a break. It isn’t helping monetarily but rest is necessary.




Sometimes I wish this blog wasn’t public and that I didn’t share it with anyone I know. That those who found it, found it on their own.  I just wrote a post, but kept it private, sometimes you just need to get thoughts from your head on the screen and hit save and be done.

I’m feeling stuck with a lot of things, life, relationships, my Scentsy business… and unsure of where to turn.

I’m on a big kick to budget, live the Dave Ramsey way until I get it a bit safer place financially.

I want to eat healthier, but making meals for one is a huge struggle, and making healthy meals, even bigger struggle. Thankfully I like boring cereal and snack on fruit, but sometimes a girl needs some carbs.

I’m stuck in that I finished a book like last weekend, and have yet to start another, book hangover.  My cable won’t be installed until Tuesday and no plans this weekend, and all of my shows I can watch via a streaming method I have, but there are more, and frankly DirecTVNow kinda sucks.

I had a really crappy lunch that I didn’t eat much off, went and grabbed some groceries and had what I would consider a heavy snack, and now its almost 8pm and I want some dinner. I’m not one to eat this late, but some goulash with bread and butter sounds amazing.  Side note; my grandma made the best goulash and she’d make some just for us kids that was ground beef, elbow macaroni, tomato juice and a pinch of sugar to cut the tomato taste. That’s it, and to this day, I still make it that way, no seasonings, no chunks of anything else. It reminds me of Grandma Eva and when I’m in a funk, food is my happy place.

Sometime earlier this year I finally joined the public library in town so I have been really trying to read ebooks from there, or books on Kindle Unlimited; but tonight I treated myself to 3 books, only spending $8.50.

Okay, off to make some supper; hoping my attitude changes around.



A break from Facebook and other boring stuff.

I’ve seen many others do this, but never thought I’d want to do this, nor would I ever follow through. At 5pm today I’m going to take a break from Facebook, for a week. A whole week. Well, at least I’m going to try.

No commenting, no liking [or any other reaction], no accepting of friend requests, no allowing of any tagging in statuses or photos, no reading / answering messages in Messenger. In fact, I’m deleting Messenger from my phone for the week.

First and foremost, its a huge time suck. Secondly, it can get ugly. Politics, drama, people spinning something one way and you didn’t intend for it to, or a nasty comment about something. And thirdly, I’m just hoping to reset the algorithm. A bit of a fresh start.

I’ve let my Scentsy team know. I’ve let my Scentsy accountability friends know, and I’m going to reach out to a handful of others and let them know. I’m going to probably scroll through FB some, but no interaction what-so-ever.  This will probably also show me just how much I scroll through FB mindlessly.

In this week I plan to

  • plan out some blog posts
  • spend a little time on some Scentsy work
  • read a few extra books
  • get caught up on TV – side note I caved and my cable is being reinstalled Tuesday!
  • enjoy a little less drama in my life
  • work on a video training for my large Scentsy group – scary but I can do hard thing

You can still find me on Instgram and probably some silly stuff on SnapChat.

I just got back [well, last night] from two days in Chicago. My best friend who lives in Nashville had a conference for two days, so she and her 19 month old son came, her brother [basically my kid brother] who lives in downtown Chicago met up with us too. Chase and I played nannies while Shawn was at her conference. Worked out great. The only thing that would have been better is if we got to spend more time with Shawn.

I might venture down to the Amish community / town – Kalona, tomorrow for lunch and a few things at their bulk store, and a really good mom and pop family restaurant. It’s an easy drive, and when you go solo it’s nice, in and out or dilly dally as long as you’d like.  This last 45 minutes of work is going to drag on.  The new Trader Joe’s opened here today. The closest one was 2 hours away. I’m sure it’ll be crazy busy, but I was thinking maybe Sunday evening when most people are done being out and about!

And because I didn’t spend much money in Chicago; I’m treating myself to take out tonight. Not Dave Ramsey approved, because I think I sucked at this budget thing, but perhaps next month might be a better time to start.


A break from Facebook and other boring stuff.