Monday brought to you by Murphy’s Law

murphys law

Today has sucked. But I’ll back up a bit. I left work early on Friday to take care of a tax exempt issue. We are tax exempt at work, and Micheal’s apparently doesn’t acknowledge this for online orders. You have to go to the store to be refunded for this. Stupid, I know. Thankfully there is one close and it’s kind of on my way home. A little out of the way.  I left about 4:30, so that time would be considered work time. I left Michael’s at 6 PM  and still didn’t have the tax credited.

After about 45 minutes on the phone and maybe 5 transfers today, no luck. They were going to call the store and instruct them how to do so… after we hung up, it dawned on me that they didn’t ask which store. I think I’ll call the store and ask if they know how to do so before I trek back out there and attempt to do so again. What it comes down to is that the state of Iowa can take the sales tax amount [$16.56] from my paycheck, if it’s not credited.   I sent the credit card people here an email, but no response yet.

I tried to order some wigs / head coverings for a program for kiddos with cancer who lose their hair, and three of the sites I tried to order form were either not able to be used or blocked from our servers.

Then about 12 just after getting back from lunch, I received a call to have an item over nighted. This unit is notorious for waiting til the last possible freaking minute. I had to have this order in by 1 our time, for it to be here tomorrow. Both people who needed to electronically sign off on it are out; there is no way around this. One is my direct boss. The person requesting it, got pissed and had someone else call me, I explained the same situation, so they call my big finance boss. She came over and I explained it all.

I am chalking that Murphy’s Law thing, up to my biological father, he’s a Murphy after all.

I haven’t really drank in who knows how long, no real reason, but I feel like I could drink straight vodka tonight.

And added bonus, I just got off the phone with a kid (I can call him that because he sounded 12) who asked me for my fax number and asked me to repeat it because “he wasn’t paying attention, sorry”.

I really should have used a day of vacation today.


Monday brought to you by Murphy’s Law

It’s been a week since I had to put Turbo down.  I’m still having my moments with it. Friday I met Joe there, and of course Turbo was very peppy. That’s what made it tough. We had to stick around and wait a bit because our normal vet was at a horse emergency.
I sat on the floor with Turbo and cried, and made him take a selfie with me. It was hot, and I was crying; so it’s not a great photo, but with my doggy.

sad w turbo
Last selfie with Turbo.

Then another vet Turbie had seen before was the one to help us with the procedure; she was super nice and compassionate.  We had a little time with him while he got sleepy. She painted his foot for me so I could have a print. I will someday get it tattooed on me.

My sweet Turbo in Joe’s arms

It was definitely tough, but we made the right decision. After it was done, I met my cousin at a pizza place / bar in the same town as the vet.  It was nice to be around people, but then Saturday was rough.

Sunday I had an event [ironically for a dog shelter] I thought it would be a little tough, but it wasn’t. It was a total bust. I barely made my booth rent back. I will not do the event again next year. I know that’s bad, but I just won’t.  I was in bed about 7 on Sunday. The emotions of the car repair, and Turbo all just wore me out.  I woke up about 10:30 and had a little something for dinner, then back to sleep at midnight. It was so nice to feel rested.

Side note, the meds I got at the new doctor are totally help. I’m sleeping and that’s a beautiful thing. I even feel like I’m less bitchy at work.

The week went by so fast. My office is a disaster because I’m still trying to put things back from the event. I don’t need to take so much stuff next time.

I had totally neglected my condo; so it got a deep cleaning earlier this week.  Then Thursday morning I woke up and the temperature was 76, and 78 before I left.  After the maintenance guy came, he fixed my curtains on my sliding door to my deck, and the closet door.  My office is still a work in progress and will hopefully get done this weekend. But tonight, I’m being lazy and catching up shitty reality TV; Teen Mom / Teen Mom 2, which makes me feel a little better about my life.

I have an appointment to get my new tires tomorrow at 3, and I think I just might spend $20 on myself and get a pedicure. I haven’t bought anything extra for a few months.   And I think I deserve it.

I booked a room at Grand Harbor Waterpark in August with my Mom, Joe,  Luke, Jill, and the kids, but I’m excited because Adam and Livi are going to join.

I’ve rambled enough; I think it’s time to crawl in bed and read a while.


Not ready for Bo to go.

In the last week and a half; three friends have had to put their dog to sleep. Tomorrow, I have to do the same for Turbo.

I was handling it so well, until this morning, at Panera when I was texting Mom about my car and how expensive it was [because I can’t afford it…] I was crying in Panera. And I haven’t even gotten tires, yet. Or groceries. I have 1/8th of a tank of gas.

I hate this part of being a pet owner. I know he’s sick, really sick, and I know it’s time, he didn’t spaz out when I came in last week. I’m just not ready.

This is the dog who scratched at my door and woke me up when I was seizing in my bed. Never left my side – other than to go out to go potty – when I got home after the accident for nearly two days.

I was really sad about this when we had to for my dog, Copper, but this is a whole different thing. This dog, he saved me. He truly saved me. I don’t know how else to explain it. Other than my two seizures in college, he was with me for the rest.

I’m just not ready.


Not ready for Bo to go.


I have my days all sorts of screwed up. I stayed up way too late last night; I couldn’t tell you when I last watched TV. If you know me, I DVR’d the CMT Music Awards, I worked through them in my office.

I am determined to be planned and organized for this Scentsy event. Each time I get a little bit better.  I was to meet Joe at the repair shop at 8:30 today, he has a work truck, so I was going to take his truck and get my errands ran, and then head to Panera for a cinnamon crunch bagel; but also to work.

I don’t know if I’ve ever done that, and honestly I’m more comfortable at home, and I could have, but sometimes getting out of my comfort zone isn’t always bad.

Just as I was about to order at Panera, Joe called. All my brakes are shot, and my emergency brake is broke [the line or something, basically it wouldn’t have worked if I needed it] so I decided to just go ahead and get it fixed. I need this car to last me another year.

I’ll have to get tires next month because currently… I cannot afford them right now.  Let’s just hope like hell this event on Sunday is lucrative.

I’m rambling already and I need to get some shit done.

Adulting is hard. I was texting my Mom about the car repair; so basically, tearing up, wiping away tears at Panera, because having to drop 1/3 of my monthly paycheck on repairs, one day, then know that the next day I have to put my dog to sleep, ugh. I guess if it weren’t for bad luck… I’d have none.




Today is one of those days where I wish for another day between Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I’ve got Friday off, but this week is going to be a clusterfuck.

I didn’t get all that I wanted to get done this weekend; but it’s nearly 4:45 now and there’s still a good 6-7 hours yet this evening. I’m guessing Adam isn’t coming down; so I’ll have some uninterrupted work time.

I went home this afternoon for a bit; a friend of the family lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer; such an ugly disease. I lost an aunt and a grandma to it.

Last week as I was leaving Shawn’s Dad’s place I noticed my car was squeaking a bit, when I was hit the gas, but not when I hit the breaks. I had talked to Joe about it, and his car repair guy said he’d look at it, so we could get in; if it was the brakes and rotors it’d be about $300.  I’m going to Kansas City for the annual Scentsy convention mid-July; so even though my car is paid off and only worth +/- $2500; but I really really do not want to have another car payment.

Google says it could be struts or suspension; so that doesn’t seem expensive… just not sure what labor is. And I’m sure two new tires won’t be too bad.

Joe looked at my car before I took off, and my front passenger side tired is bald; but the front driver’s side tire is better; still not good. Back tires are pretty good yet. So; whatever is going on is wearing the tires down. Yay, fix what’s broken AND get new tires. Expensive, but I think for now I’ll do that, then maybe next summer trade… can you trade in a car worth so little?

I am off at 2:15 for an eye appointment on Tuesday, hopefully I can get out of there in a decent time and head over to have them assess my car, and see what needs repaired; and hopefully it’ll hold out til Friday when I’m off; which was originally meant to be off to prep for a Scentsy event on Sunday.  At 4 we have an appointment to put my dog down; it’s time. I’m just kinda sorta praying he just fall asleep between now and then and decides on his own. He didn’t get excited or really know it was me when I was home this afternoon; which sucks, but it totally makes me feel much more okay with this decision this time. He’s hurting, a lot.

Saturday will be spent getting new tires; thankfully Linder is only open til noon, so I’ll have the afternoon to finish last minute prep for the event on Sunday. I’ve lined up help, and one of my team members thinks she might be able to help [but has to check her calendar] I almost want to take Monday off, but that doesn’t work in our office; so I think I’m going to go in and first thing ask the boss if I can take Thursday off, to make life a little less stressful.

I need to go fold laundry from the dryer because I’ve washed the clothes in the washer twice…



Monday-like Tuesday

Long weekends, are great don’t get me wrong,  but coming into work on a Tuesday after a three day weekend is like a mega-Monday. Especially when you work at a hospital; it never closes.  Emails still roll in, orders still come in. I mean, I do spend money for a living, so people still send me requests of what they need to order.

I was on my way into work today and I got a phone call, but due to the stretch of interstate I drive, I try to avoid answering my phone; and I’m even trying to be better about not texting [or looking at texts, even] so I listened to the voicemail while waiting for the bus to my office from the parking lot. It was my doctor’s office. The labs looked fine, nothing of any concern.

Whew!  This whole not knowing my family history had me a bit nervous and of course the weight gain lately… well, not exactly lately, but in the last 8ish years I’d say I’ve put on 65 pounds give or take.

The doctor ended the voicemail with some people just have a little extra cushioning. I appreciate that no one is concerned with my weight gain; I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s not anything to be worried / concerned about, but at the same time I want to scream and yell because hello; I have a BMI of 40.5; which puts me in “extremely obese” and I feel like the BMI scale is a little skewed;  but on the flip side of things, my doctors, all of them have never worried about my weight…

I suppose if my labs are all fine, then I should just trust them and go with it; and try to lose the weight on my own versus blaming something medically. And ideally I don’t want it to be anything medically; it just seems easier to blame it on something than putting in the work to lose the weight.

Okay… on with the rest of the day.


Monday-like Tuesday

A list of “adult things” to do before 35

In six months [well, from yesterday], I will be 35. I have kind of had this running list of things I need to get done to kind of make me a but more “adult”.  The list includes:

  • Get a new primary care physician and get a physical.
  • Get a copy of my adoption paperwork; to keep in my fire safe.
  • Get a passport
  • Prepare a will and some sort of advanced directive

I realize some of these are small; some not so much. My family doctor, who was awesome, is phasing out into retirement. I found a new one, closer to me than my hometown and actually had my appointment today. I haven’t had a physical since my senior year before I went to college.  I have a gynecologist, where I have regular appointments.  I just kind of wanted a baseline.

I was extremely pleased! She was very much on board with “preventative measures” since I do not know my family medical history due to being adopted, and that I’m almost 35, and while there are not many screenings that are exactly necessary, but things we can kind of just be aware of and maybe do a bit early if we feel the need. I really like her.

I have to go tomorrow for some lab work, but other than that, everything is good. She prescribed something to hopefully help with sleep! Hooray. Happy that she’s willing to work with me.

I really want a copy of my adoption paperwork; I know if [big if] I were to someday get married, I would need it. I also just want it. I am a realist when it comes to everything, so I know that my parents are not going to be around forever, so if I need one or both of them to help me in attaining that piece(s) of paperwork, then I’d rather do it now.

I have never traveled out of the country, other than Puerto Vallarta and Cancun – when we did not need a passport for traveling there. I know they last 10 years, but I feel like I probably need to get one. It’s not a MUST have but it’s on the list of things to check off.

With having dealt with the death of 4 grandparents in such a short time, it has really opened my eyes to the fact that I need a will and advance directive. I have great life insurance through work, but I have to again, be the realist that I am, knowing that you never know when you’re going to wake up dead… or be in a situation where you cannot make your medical choices.  I just need to find someone who will help me with this, probably the family lawyer my dad has used for all the years I’ve known.

I just feel like having a few of these things in place would be a big relief not just to me, but for family or close friends, should something happen.

I hope I live a long healthy life, and do not have to have to make my family and friends utilize this things for a long long time!

My appointment was at 1:45 this afternoon and after I ran a few errands, and made an early dinner, about 5:15 I was just beat. I worked a night meeting Tuesday night and didn’t’ get home til about 10… long day, especially to turn around and be back in the office at 8:30.  I set my alarm for 6:45, planning to nap for no more than an hour and a half, and I did just that. I actually woke up a bit before the alarm. And I’m finding myself yawning now. I think I’m going to turn off the computer, and head into bed and figure out which book I’m going to read next and call it a night.


A list of “adult things” to do before 35